Zedge Tonesync free download – Perfect tool to make iPhone ringtones

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What is Zedge Tonesync:

If you are an iPhone user and you are searching for ringtones or want your ringtones with the track of your choice, then Tonesync is a perfect tool for you. Yes, tonesync is a software that can create ringtones for your iPhone within no time. It is effortless to create ringtones with the tool within minutes you just need iTunes installed on your phone and just put the right track in the tonesync, and it will convert it into the ringtone.

Features of Zedge Tonesync:

  1. It supports iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 7s, 8 and iPhone
  2. It provides easy to use interface so that a newbie can easily use it.
  3. This software can easily generate ringtone, message tones, notification tones and alarm tones as well with no
  4. The software can easily generate the tones of various social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, We chat, Hangout, Email, Skype, and calendar notification as well.
  5. Zedge Tonesync contains a massive library of high-quality
  6. The software also provides you the high-quality background images for your iPhone. Moreover, the game is not ending here it also offers the backgrounds for your iPod, and I pad, that is called retina
  7. Tonesync also supports the Parallax Wallpaper which adds the beauty in its functionality.
  8. The software also optimizes all the wallpapers for iPhone, I pod, and iPad. The optimized quality of wallpapers provides the better resolution and less memory space.
  9. The additional functionality of tonesync is that it provides highly accurate and fit the size of the home screen and lock screen as well.
  10. Tonesync provides the highly customized search options, and you can browse multiple tones through it.
  11. It gives us the IOS 7 style as the user interface of the software.
  12. Simply we can say it is a treasure for the customize geek.


So you might be thinking that the software with such massive and significant features will be of high cost? Are you? So with due respect, you are definitely wrong! 😀

Zedge Tonesync is 100% free of cost. Yes, it is a freeware software that you can easily download for you pc and us it as long as you want to. The Zedge Tonesync 1.1.3 version is for you; you can use it freely on your computer.


Zedge Tonesync is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • First  = Windows 10
  • Second = Windows 8.1
  • Third      = Windows 8
  • Fourth = Windows 7
  • Fifth = Windows XP
  • Sixth  = Windows Vista

Are you still thinking about 32 bit and 64-bit compatibility? So don’t worry at all it comes in both versions as well. You can download the Zedge Tonesync desired version from the Download link given below in the download section.

Download Link:

Download from here.

Final Words:

So in our reviews, we highly recommend you to use the Zedge Tonesync if you are in search of the best ringtone maker and iPhone customizer software.

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