Windows Module Installer Worker Windows 10 [Solution]

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What is windows Module installer worker?

Windows module installer worker is a program that part of the operating system and runs as system process to check for updates of windows, modifications, and installation of these modifications and updates.

The main purpose of this program is basically to keep windows up to date with the latest functionalities and removing the current bugs from the windows. In reality, this program is basically used to install windows updates in the background, it means the user is not notified during this process, but windows silently run windows modules installer worker windows 10 to update the windows.

Impacts of windows modules installer worker windows 10:

The main impact of windows modules installer worker is that your computer or laptop fan speed increases dramatically and it starts throwing out heat. Your internet might get slow due to updates downloading. Your laptop CPU usage becomes almost 100%, and it starts lagging.

How can we check for windows modules installer worker windows 10:

Just open up the task manager of Windows 10. There you will see option names as “Windows modules installer worker”, this mean widow is updating or doing some modifications in it

You will also see that the percentage of CPU usage of this installer will be much more than other programs on your computer. In fact, it will be using almost the whole CPU percentage.

Microsoft releases the updates for windows on every Tuesday they might release on other dates but mostly do on Tuesday. Moreover, this is the day when your system got some upgradations.  After downloading the updates, your operating system will ask you, again and again, to restart your system to install these updates to your system. It’s up to you that when you will allow it to install or it will be installed automatically on the restart after downloading.

Why is it not good?

One of the greatest bad news for this program is that it uses many CPU resources. It almost uses full CPU power. High CPU usage by windows modules installer worker windows 10 is occurred mostly on windows 10 because it is normal for the Operating System but not normal for a user.

How long will it take to finish updates?

In fact, the answer is depending upon a few factors like, how fast your internet is? Secondly, How many updates are there to be done? Thirdly, how much storage do you have? Lastly, How fast your CPU is? These are the questions which define the time for the updates done!

How to disable windows modules installer worker windows 10?

Some of the so-called experts will advise you to stop this feature to prevent installing updates automatically, but this will be the greatest mistake of your life you have ever done. Because if you do not update your windows properly, you might be the next target of viruses and spyware. Nowadays a Ransomeware is a trending virus or hacks you can say where a hacker sends some malicious code to you and lock down your whole computer and asks you for the ransom to unlock your data back. So if you are using an outdated operating system, you are going to be in trouble some day. Up to date, windows keep thee kind of troubles away from you.

Is the windows modules installer worker is a virus?

Absolutely not! I have explained above that is is a part of the Windows operating system and it is not a virus. In fact, it keeps your system up to date to fight with viruses!

Troubleshooting windows modules installer worker:

You can troubleshoot the installer in from the settings if you think there are some mistakes and errors in working of installer from troubleshooter in settings from control panel.

I hope this article cleared all the questions and insecurities that were in your mind! Let us know if you want any help further! Thank You!