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What are quiet hours in Windows 10:

QUIET HOURS Tile named Notification confused many people in windows 10 but actually Quiet Hours is a feature that was released in windows 8, that during the set times disables all notification. This means things like new Wi-Fi hotspots that are detected, or calendar notification, or new email in Outlook, will not pop up and annoy you.

Notification during modern standby and their auditory alerts can be cause of disturbing to some users, particularly late night and in the evening hours. The Quiet hours helps save battery power and its features suppresses notifications. Quiet hours allows the user to define a period of time each day during background tasks and which notification are suppressed. Users can configure Quiet Hours through click the Quiet hours tile icon or Cortana in the Action center to turn off or on.

However, by default windows configures Quiet hours for 12 AM to 6 AM local time.

If you set Quiet Hours on your Windows 10 system then you will not be able to receive calendar event, app notification, messages and email alerts. In such situations, you will not see the screen light up due to some notification or not hear any sounds. On all machines this features is enables by default.

Windows 10 client has been configured to stay ‘quiet’ by default from 00.00 Midnight to 6.00 AM only, provided Quiet Hours is turned on. When Quiet Hours can be engaged is from 00.00 Midnight to 6.00 AM only this time is window of time you cannot change these times- it situation- it is like a take-it or leave.

In windows 10 Quiet Hours allows you to choose and pick what gets through its filter. When it comes to being disturbed then you can configure Quite Hours to suit your preferences.


  1. In the taskbar click the Action Center button. It looks like as a speech bubble.

2. Right-click and then go Quiet hours.

3. Select Go to settings.

4. Click the switches beneath any options you’d like to enable or disable. However, you can also click the switches next to individual apps to disable or enable notification.

That’s it! To ultimately find a balance of notifications play around with these settings, or for guaranteed silence turn everything off.


  1. In the taskbar right-click the Action Center button.

2. On the turn on quiet hours Click


  1. In the taskbar right-click the Action Center button which looks like a speech bubble.

2. On the turn off quiet hours Click.


So, here we have another way to enable or disable the Quiet Hours. Let’s have a look at all the steps that you need to take in order to enable this really amazing and useful helpful feature. Enable it to stop receiving app notification, messages, calendar events and email alerts and even skype calls.

  1. To open the search function or open the charms bar by moving the mouse or simply swiping the finger to the top right corner press the windows logo + W.
  2. Type ‘PC settings‘ in the search bar and then click or tap on it.
  3. From the menu choose ‘Search and Apps‘.
  4. On the ‘Notification‘ click or tap.
  5. Go to the ‘Quiet Hours’ sub menu and select whether you want to feature to disable or enable.

Select the period when you don’t want to receive any notifications and you can also select not to receive calls as well during the quiet hours.