Windows 10 Map Network Drive | Step by step solution

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You can map a network drive to quickly access files stored on another computer connected to the network on Windows 10. Following is step by step guide for Windows 10 Map Network Drive.

For a lot of users Mapping a network drive in Windows is a basic task and you can do so in a number of ways. You just want to manually map to a drive temporarily to use certain application in sometimes but in other times you want to include the mapping action in a script so the during the login the drive can be mapped automatically.

On Windows 10, when you connect to a network drive using mapping the operating system essentially creates a “shortcut” that points to the shared folder with a access credentials and drive letter. Under “Network locations” the mapped drive then appears on “This PC” to give you quick access to those files stored on another computer.

Hare in this article we are describe two ways that you can to map a network drive in Windows 10.



You can map a network drive using File Explorer on Windows 10, use the following steps:

  1. Open File Explorer and select this PC.

In the ribbon menu at the top click the Map network drive button and then select “Map network drive”.  (This is under the Computer tab, when you go to This PC, as above which should open automatically.)

Choose the drive letter you want to use but you can leave the default, then hit browser.

Navigate to the folder you want to map and after selecting it hit OK.

  1. Click Finish after confirm your selection. You can choose to reconnect to the folder every time when you sign in so it’s always available to you and use a different user account to connect to the folder if needed.

Note: when you’re done, you should see under This PC the new drive letter and will be able to access its contents like you would any other folder. However, if you want to disconnect the network drive then right-click on it and select “Disconnect”.



  1. Press Window + R and open Run dialog box
  2. In search bar type “cmd” and open a command prompt window
  3. Type the following command on your command prompt:

Note: In this screenshot “X” represents the name you want to assign to the shared folder.

4. Moreover, you can slightly tweak the above command to insert some additional parameters like you can insert a different set of credentials using the following command:

  1. The drive will no longer exist after restarting the computer. You can use the command to avoid this and make the drive permanent:
  1. Net use x: /delete” using the command will delete the mapped drive and “net use * /delete” using the command will delete all mapped drives.


In Windows 10 mapping a network drive is really a basic process that you will find very handy when sharing files on a network. Whatever way you can use for to achieve this should depend on what you find easier and your personal preferences.