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In Windows 10 Desktop Mode use two different GUI environments. Once when you on the laptop or computer windows start with tiled screen menu and other is your desktop screen which is used previous windows versions.

In desktop mode all the things that are frequently used like horizontal bottom bar and app icons but the start button not included in desktop mode however, all things remain the same.

Desktop mode performs the function without any touchable devices like keyboard, mouse and other devices. Although in tablet mode functionality access by using the touchable devices like mouse and keyboard.


In Windows 10 we can switch between tablet mode and desktop mode. The user of windows 10 mostly used desktop mode and some people used tablet mode. But some people prefer a tablet which must include the functionality of desktops like adding a mouse and keyboard.

Tablet mode only works on fingertips, in case sometime touch not response in case any problems are introduced to overcome this problem professional user support the desktop mode because the desktop mode is the best controlled the working of the system using mouse and keyboard.

One thing remembers that when you in desktop mode with using the proper function of mouse and keyboard, then you will be able to start menu, which can be adjusted and resized with the user needs. But on the other hand if you in tablet mode in case, desktop not available yet. For example, when you open file explorer, you can see that it appear on the maximized screen.

Now we see that how we can switch tablet mode to desktop mode follow the below steps:

  • Go to the start menu and open PC Settings
  • In PC settings click on System and open it
  • In the left-hand navigation pane select Tablet Mode
  • In the Right-hand side under the When I sign in open the drop-down menu and select Use desktop mode if you no more use tablet mode or disable tablet mode
  • Restart your system


If you already used tablet mode but now you no longer user tablet mode and want to switch desktop mode in an easy and quick way then you can follow the below steps:

  • Tap or click on the Action Center icon which is display on the right-side corner on the screen
  • Click or tap on the Tablet mode setting
  • When you turn on the tablet mode it switches into tablet mode
  • When you turn off or click once time it is switch into the desktop mode

This method is a very simple, quick and easy way to switch the desktop mode into tablet mode or tablet mode into the desktop mode.