What is Widevine Content Decryption Module And Why Do I Need To Keep It?

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Widevine content decryption module has got many people into confusion because it suddenly started appearing as a primary google plugin. Actually, Google strives to provide the best experience for the users who are browsing the internet and that is the reason why they keep making changings into Google Chrome and their search engine algorithms though Widevine Content Decryption Module has nothing to do with the Google or its search results. So, what actually this chrome plugin do?

What is Widevine Content Decryption Module?

Actually, it is newly launched Google chrome plugin that has replaced outdated Silverlight plugin. What exactly this plugin do? Well, its quite clear and simple and that is its function of playing videos online that are protected by the  DRM. Even Firefox uses this plugin for the same purpose but in firefox, Widevine content Decryption Module replaces NPAPI as a potential plugin.

Actually, Widevine provides better and secure online streaming experience for videos that are available on the internet on the premium basis or videos that are not legal for everyone to share them.

Some Popular Examples

In case, if you are still not sure what this plugin does in google chrome or firefox then have a look at the following popular examples to get a better idea.

1- If you have bit knowledge of HTML (A web scripting language) then you would be pleased to hear that this content decryption module is used to play DRM content in HTML 5 (an updated version of HTML) as HTML provides the most basic structure of any website.

2- Online Streaming Services are able to provide their premium services in a secure way just because of the plugins like Decryption modules. You might have heard or streamed your favourite serials on Netflix that is the biggest collection of the premium videos. Even Netflix uses this module to synchronise their videos and provide a secure and premium atmosphere on their website.

Do I Really Need To Keep it?

No, you don’t need to keep this plugin but as this plugin is recommended by the Google itself so you don’t need to worry about its performance or in simpler words it is safe to have it in your browser. I don’t recommend you to disable this plugin but you are still not interested in keeping this then you can always get rid of it following my instruction that is given below:

Go to Tools > Options > Content > Uncheck the Widevin content decryption module and there you go. It has been now disabled for functioning in your browser till you again mark this field checked.

Hope, you have got the main idea, function and how it gets into your browser.

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