What Is the WMI Provider Host? Why CPU is Consumed By WmiPrvSE.exe?

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Are you also thinking that what is the WMI Provide Host? Don’t worry we will discuss this topic in deep and I will make sure that I will not leave any stone unturned. Window programs are deep like an ocean and a new user can easily get confused seeing so many programs running in the windows. These window programs are essential for your system to work properly. A windows program can sometimes disturb other software or applications and can even slow down them and that is the reason why new users get confused among window programs.

What is WMI Provider Host And What WMI Stands For?

WMI stands for Windows Management Instrumentation.

Before we get started, one thing should be kept in mind that WMI works as a background app and will not be visible directly on the screen. Though you can always check its CUP usage from task manager prompt. WMI provider host does not work independently, in fact, this program works in the backend and helps other programs to function properly. Many windows program may stop working if WMI is not there to help them run. This program takes permission from other windows programs and accesses the data that they are collecting about your system. Many window programs request state of your system functions using the channel of WMI provider host. For example, if any of your programs wants to access data like CPU usage or any other information then it will have to use the interface of WMI.  Actually, this program works best for people who do not have a know how computer but they would still like to know about the backend functions of their computer.

Why Are Most of the users annoyed because of WmiPrvSE.exe?

As we have discussed earlier, this program helps many other programs to work the way we can expect but sometimes when other potential programs are not working properly, WMI will consume a lot of CPU and will eventually result in slowing down your system. Not only other programs but you can also use system commands to access backend properties and functions.

Do You Want To Learn Interesting Commands of WMI To Get Into Deep System Information?

If you are interested to explore backend world of your computer then keep reading this article because I know your thirst for getting knowledge is not over yet. So, there are several things that you can do using WMI interface and some of them have been described below:

Check your Hard drive status

I don’t want to make things complex so I will stick the topic. There are several many ways to check the health status of your hard drive but the easiest way is using WMI provider host. Just go to start and open your command prompt. In case, if you don’t know where is your command prompt residing, simply go to your search bar in the start and type ‘cmd’, it will take you to a black window known as windows command prompt.

Here in the cmd, type

wmic diskdrive get status

And there you go, it will show you the status of your hard drive. There will be nothing to worry about if it says ok.

Find Serial No of Your PC

You can also find secrete serial no of your pc by going to your cmd again. In CMD type,

wmic bios get serialnumber

And you will see the serial key as shown in the picture.

MotherBoard Model NO

You can even get to your motherboard model no using this following command in cmd.

wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber

that’s it. These are not only commands that you can use to access the backend of your computer through the channel of WMI. There are much more waiting for you to explore them.

What Should I assume when WMI provider host is consuming too much CPU?

Its pretty simple, if your WmiPrvSE.exe file is consuming too much CPU then it means that it is really busy in sending your system to other window programs who are requesting it. There isn’t anything to worry about this CPU usage because its quite normal in windows and this CPU usage keeps your system healthy and running.

Hope, till now you have got a better idea of WMI provider host which is also known as WMIPRVSE.EXE file. If you are still confused then please let me know and I will explain it you in the comment box.

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