What is mac address? How to find mac address on windows 10? [Solved]

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MAC address stands for “Media Access Control Address” however it is not related Apple Macintosh computers.

whether you work in a wireless one or wired network office, one thing is common for both environments: it takes both hardware (routers, cables, ect.) and network software to transfer data from your computer to another.

MAC addresses are generally assigned by the manufacturer or vender of every network interface card (NIC) developed. They are implemented in most network types, although unlike MAC addresses, IP address are permanent and cannot be changed.

The mac address is as an Wi-Fi card or Ethernet card, and therefore can’t be changed. because millions of networkable devices in existence and a unique MAC address is need to each device, there must be a very wide range of possible addresses.

For this reason, Each MAC address contain a 12-digit hexadecimal notation, which is embedded within the NIC firmware and is composed of a six-digit unique identifier manufacturer’s organization followed by a random unique identifier or a six-digit serialized.

Moreover, a IEEE provided specification which MAC address is created using these specification and it is also used by the Media Access Control sublayer of Data-Link Layer (DLC) of telecommunication protocols. For each physical device type the MAC sublayer is a different. in the DLC layer the other sublayer level is the Logical Link Control sublayer.


Actually Windows 10 makes it easy to find your MAC address. But depending on what you want to do with the MAC address or Physical address, there can be two different methods to find your MAC address.

1. You would want to utilize the command prompt if you want to copy your MAC address to the clipboard to license a software or something similar.

2. In another case, if you do not need to use command prompt to see your Mac address, then you just need to head to the settings.

Now firstly we see an example of a MAC address, the MAC address consists of six sets of two characters and each separated by a colon e.g.00:1B:44:3A:B7.

Follow the below instruction to find your mobile device’s or computer media access control address (MAC address). A MAC address is a sequence of values that is written in pairs and these pairs are separated by hyphens, colons or other characters.


1. Go to search bar and press “Window + R” a run dialog box is open.

2. Type in this box “cmd” to find Command Prompt listed.

3. Right-click on it and run it as an administrator by choosing “Run as Administrator” from available options.

4. Now type in “ipconfig/all” along with space and hit Enter in command prompt.

5. You will see a details about Windows IP configuration, Wireless LAN adapter information and Ethernet adapter details.

6. You should be looking at the physical address under the Ethernet adapter section, if you have a wired connection, and look for the physical address under the Wireless LAN adapter section if you have a wireless connection-which you can easily drag and select to copy it to your clipboard.


1. Right click on the network icon on the taskbar and go to the “Network and Internet” settings.

2. In settings select the “Network and Sharing Center” and then click on it.

3. Now you will find the active connection as shown in the below image, you just click it.

4. Now go to the General and click on the “Details” for all the details to show up.

5. In the network connection details you can see your physical address.