Web and App Activity – Step by Step Guide

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Web and App Activity is a setting which is turned on it mean your searches and activity from other Google Services are saved to your Google Account.

It provides get batter search results and suggestions. You can delete your activity and past searches or turn off Web and App Activity at any time, however you control what’s saved.

NOTE: if your Google Account that is used through school or work, so for your organization, you could need to contact your administrator to turn on the Web and App Activity Service.

Turn On or Off Web & App Activity

  1. Open Google Setting according to your devices (Android, Computer, iPhone & iPad).
  2. Tap Personal info & privacy and choose Activity Controls


3. Go to  Web & App Activity and turn on or off.


  1. If you turn the switch on, then you can see the history and activity from websites and apps that use Google Services. And you can also control whether app activity from your device is saved but this is done when you checked the box.

Search History Delete in Google

  1. Sign into your Google Account and then Google’s Web and App Activity page.


  1. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, click the cog icon and then select download after that a page will appear choose “Create Archive.”



After that you will notice a massage that saying your personal archive is ready to be downloaded, then Google send you an email. In your Google Driver or download the zip file, you can view the archive in the “Takeout Folder”.

Now here’s you can easily delete your Google History.

3.   For complete to this step sign into your Google Account and go to the View your Web and app activity.


4. Select the cog icon and click “Remove Items.”



Select the time period which you want and delete items just hit the “Remove” button.

Information about your Searches and more others

Google saves all information when Web and App Activity is on like:

  • Maps, Google products and Services are search when you on the Web and App Activity.
  • Your language, IP Address, your location, referrer and whether you use an app or browser.
  • Things which is buy through an advertiser’s site and ads you click.
  • Contact names or recent apps information on your device that you search for.

NOTE: Activity saved all searches and information on your device even when you’re the offline mode.

Information about your browsing data and others

Google can save information about the browsing data like:

  • Apps and website you use
  • History of your chrome browsing
  • Your activity in apps and websites in which Google services are involved

Google save this information

  • Must be on Web and App Activity.
  • The box next to must be checked (Activity from Website and App and Chrome Browsing History that use Google Services).

Your Chrome History is must be saved only in the situation if you’re have turned on Chrome Sync and signed in to your Google Account.

NOTE: activity might be saved to the default account on the browser or device you use if you use a shared device or sign in with more than one account.

About the Browser History

In your Google account, in the Activity Controls page, you can also check the box to “include activity from website and apps and Chrome browsing history that use Google Services.”

When the box is checked then you can control whether all activity form your device is saved.

Sites or pages that you search or visit may also be store in the Google Toolbar or your browser.