Mad Box – the most powerful console in history is coming PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Competition

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When most people think about the next generation of game consoles, they likely imagine what the next PlayStation or Nintendo, Xbox console will be. Now, the CEO of the studio that made Project CARS wants you to your visions of the next-gen: the Mad Box.

Slightly Mad Studio CEO announced recently that “The Mad Box is Coming,” lan Bell, tweeted and followed it with another tweet saying that the Mad Box will be the most powerful console ever made and will support both VR and 4k gaming.

On Friday, revealing the purported console’s design for the first time, Bell took the hype a step further – a gaming-PC-like tower with aggressive lighting and a case bent into an iconic M shape.

The software becomes a most obvious issue with releasing console competition. With large audiences, studios will only develop games for platforms, but no one will buy a platform that has a small collection of games that no one recognizes and so continues the vicious cycle.

To combat this, a full engine for free game development also include with the Mad Box will also reportedly as a way to tempt developers onto its ecosystem. The Mad Box promises to be the most powerful console in the world and has a very loose release date of 3 years. We’re cautiously excited for this one, and it’s an extremely bold move if nothing else.

Bell wouldn’t say the final specs—or when he expects the console to be available but is adamant that it won’t need crowdfunding. ” To see the product to completion we have multiple investors already offering the required funding for us, ” he told Variety earlier this week. Bell says “the platform will be open to everyone,” the Mad Box won’t have exclusive titles either, to the point that developers will be given a full engine to develop games on for free.

“It will support most major VR headsets, and the specs will be equivalent to a and those upcoming very fast PC2 years from now”, Bell says Variety. We can’t say much more right now other than we have the designs specced out in detail because we’re in early talks with manufacturers of components.

Bell also said the console will allow games from all old and new, developers, and currently have no plans on paying publishers or developers for exclusive games.

“We think the industry is a little too much of a micro oligopoly or a monopoly,” Bell briefly explained. Bell declined to give a price point for the Mad Box console, although did say it will be competitive to whatever Xbox and PlayStation will be doing.


Bell tossed a few concept photos for the possible Mad Box which all are drastically different out on the internet. While another resembles a Portal 2 Companion Cube, one looks like a PC tower with some plastic and neon accouterments, and a third could reasonably be mistaken for something like a Blu-Ray player.

For all three, “Would love to hear your feedback,” Bell tweeted things to like, and his attitude online makes it clear on several aspects of the project the studio is looking for input from potential customers.

mad box

Bell shared these latest designs follow other images over the weekend of another potential design for the console. With plastic pieces acting as stands on either side which looks like a standard PC tower.

The Mad Box since it was announced last week we know very little about it. However, Bell claims the machine will be support features like 120 frame-per-second in virtual reality and the most powerful console ever built.

When the games come to on the console, Bell wrote, “we think exclusionary are exclusives” although given that we’ll be shipping a cross-platform engine to all developers it will be their choice. To exclude other hardware vendors ‘incentives’ as of now, we have no plans to pay developers. The industry is a little too much of a micro oligopoly or a monopoly, he further explained that Slightly Mad Studios thinks, and the Mad Box aims to bring some healthy competition to the console race which for years has pretty much exclusively been a three-way battle between Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo’s hardware and Sony’s PlayStation.

The Mad Box is planned to release it in whole world and comparison the competitively priced to other upcoming consoles. “to see the product to completion we have multiple investors already offering the required funding for us”, but it’s still early days and we’re searching at the best offers right now, ”Bell wrote”.


What the Mad Box tells us about the console market circa 2021 or 2022. Go play some games from 2012, then few from 2014 then comparison both. It’s that the Xbox 360 died, it’s not just that the Xbox One released. Everything improved including games on the PC when the bottom of the performance curve shifted towards our current-gen consoles.

mad box

At least for those who upgraded, the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro have kept consoles closer in power generation. It was roughly equivalent to the average gaming PC in 2017. Even so, when developers no longer need to code games that run on a GTX 750-levels system, we’ll see an appreciable bump. And PlayStation 4 Pro and with the Xbox One X running games at 4k/30 frames per second.


You’ve got to wonder what Slightly Mad knows in any case. They’re a developer after all. It’s not outlandish to think Slightly Mad has received dev kits for the upcoming PlayStation and Xbox knows what specs Sony and Microsoft are targeting, and has planned out around those numbers its Mad Box.

That’s not to say the Mad Box again ever releases, and I can’t stress this enough, and I don’t think the Mad Box ever releases. I still don’t think it takes off if it does. As slightly Mad jockeys for positions but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested.

At the very least, maybe it gets Sony and Microsoft to push their next-gen hardware a bit further than did at the outset of this current generation and we all benefit from that even PC gamers.