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TeamViewer 12 download from our website. From time to time you may need to access your computer remotely through the Internet. For example, your aged parents cannot work with some piece of software and need your help, but they live far away. Or you got sick and have to work at home but your colleagues ask you to do something on an office computer. There can be lots of situations. TeamViewer 12 is the great tool to access any computer and work on it like you work on your own one. It is widely used by about 200 million of people and it is available in 30 languages. All you have to do is to install it on both computers, send ID and password of controlled PC, insert them on controlling PC and connect. The app is available on any OS, including mobile Android and iOS.

We are going to discuss the advantages of TeamViewer 12. Also, we will provide you the download of the latest version of the program.

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What is TeamViewer 12?

In TeamViewer 12, you have all the necessary things to connect and control another computer remotely. You can access your office PC during the trip, share your screen for your company support team or help to solve any technical issues from any part of the world where the Internet is available. It allows reducing transport expenses because you don’t have to spend money to go somewhere to provide technical support.

Why TeamViewer 12?

TeamViewer 12 helps you to save your time and money. Helps to focus on the fork. Now, if you live far away from your office, you don’t have to go there just to access your office computer to work with some specific tools. You can use TeamViewer for this purpose.

Provides great security. No confidential files or sensitive data will be transferred to any third party, you can absolutely sure. So, your data, chats, conversations, and meetings will remain secure and safe.

TeamViewer 12 Main Features

TeamViewer 12 is a very powerful tool with a wide range of functions. Let’s look closer at some of them.

  • Cross-platform. The software works on almost any possible operating system on any device. You can use the program between two computers, two mobile devices or between a computer and mobile device. The app works on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Blackberry and Chrome OS.
  • Very easy to use. It has a clear, simple and touchscreen friendly interface. You can easily learn how to use it.
  • High performance. TeamViewer effectively uses the resources of your computer and it works fast even on weak machines and with not the fastest Internet connection. Remote session will have a framerate up to 60 fps.

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  • High security. The remote session is protected by end-to-end 256-bit AES algorithm and RSA 2014 key exchange. For one-time access it uses random passwords, users can choose two-factor authentication, create black or white lists of trusted devices.
  • Free of charge for personal use. You don’t have to provide any personal information.
  • Computers and contacts management. You can group your contacts and computers as needed. Also, you can set up notifications for your contacts to see when they are online.
  • Additional information about your computer. When signing up to TeamViewer account, you will get timely notifications about your computer including the amount of free disc space, available Windows updates, and antivirus protection.
  • Setting policies. Create new policies, distribute them to your trusted computers. They will be automatically applied to all trusted devices.
  • Messaging. TeamViewer 12 includes web chat and group chats, chat history and offline messages. It works on any platform and is protected by end-to-end encryption.
  • File transfer. You are able to send and receive any file between any device. The maximum available speed is 200 megabytes per second. In most cases, it can be the best option available to transfer large size files because almost any cloud storages have lots of limitations. You can access files on a remote computer and work with them like in your Windows Explorer.
  • Whiteboard. When you need to demonstrate something, you can use the whiteboard function. It includes a lot of drawing instruments including bands, markers, and shapes.
  • Remote audio and video. You can easily listen to the music or watch video on a remote computer or any other device.

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  • High-definition voice calls. You can easily call your friends or colleagues via TeamViewer 12. It provides clear sound and voice and reduces noises and echoes.
  • Session recording. You can record the remote sessions. It will be saved in AVI video format and will include video, images, and sound.
  • Ultra-high definition. TeamViewer 12 provides the sessions in 4K quality in the case your monitor supports the resolution.
  • Direct control and multiple connections. You can control any available device. If you require accessing several devices, switch tabs in TeamViewer 12.
  • Restart remote computer. When you provide some service that requires restarting the computer, TeamViewer 12 will easily reconnect without the password request.
  • Remotely update or install the app. You can help your colleagues or friends to update or install the new version of TeamViewer remotely.
  • Printing from a remote computer. The great feature allows you to print on your local printer the documents from the remote computer.
  • Synchronised clipboard. It will help you to copy and paste text information, documents, images or any other file between local and remote computers.

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TeamViewer 12 Download for Windows

TeamViewer 12 dowload for Windows for free. It is the full offline installer compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

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