Sixaxis Controller APK Free Download For Your Android Phone – [Updated May 2018]

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You are here to get Sixaxis controller APK file for your smartphone and don’t worry because you are soon gonna get it from right this page. Do you know what is an amazing thing about this controller? This amazing controller is unlocked and free to use. This controller can be used to control and play your favourite characters in games and trust me you are going to enjoy it.

Developers of Sixaxis Controller APK

This controller was developed by Dancing Pixel Studios who are best at developing exciting android apps. This APK file allows several different controllers to connect to your smartphone and provide you with a room to play your favourite games with your favourite controllers.

Basic Use of Sixaxis Controller APK

As you know sometimes playing games on your smartphones can be difficult, especially, when you are playing racing games, action games or shooting games. Being a gamer, I believe that during an action game you should have some external controls to aim your targets more comfortably. Years have been passed but there was not a single ultimate solution and now this problem has finally been solved by the  Sixaxis controllers. You can download this Sixaxis controller APK file from below, install it on your smartphone and there you go. Now you can play many games that are controlled by the external controllers. These controllers can even be wireless like you can connect them to your phones via Bluetooth or wifi mechanism.

Must-Have Requirement

If you really want to enjoy gamepad controllers for your smartphone games then you should have your phone rooted. By ‘Rooted’ I mean to say that some mobile developer companies do not allow the use of such controllers so you will need to create a backdoor to give this Sixaxis controller APK file access to your phone. You can root your phone with many apps and KingoRoot is best of them.

Features of Sixaxis Controller

  1. Keyboard Emulation
  2. Navigation Controllers
  3. Dual Shock 3
  4. Dual Shock 4 and a lot more.

You can connect many types of controllers with your phone and you will get this gateway through Sixaxis controller. You can wirelessly connect your phone to above-mentioned controller types and then enjoy entertaining action and adventurous games.

Supported Android Versions

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The good thing about Sixaxis Controller APK file is its compatibility with many android version including GingerBread (2.33 – 2.3.7 ), honeycomb, ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, Kit Kat, Lolipop, Marshmallow and now even nougat. These all android versions fully support this APK file and you can connect your gaming controller with your smartphone if it has any of the above-mentioned android versions install in it.

That’s it, what are you waiting for? Go and download this APK file from below download button, install it on your mobile after allowing installation of unknown apps and you are set to be on fire 🙂

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