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After waiting for a long time finally, Capcom has decided to remake their classic survival horror game RESIDENT EVIL 2. You might have watched Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer on the internet but trust me the original game is going to be much more fun. Definitely, many questions are popping up in your mind about this game, for example, how it will be played, what are the new features and graphics type of the game. There are many things that you still don’t know even if you have already watched the trailer on youtube or by just Googling it. SO, here we go:

  1. To Clarify: It’s A Full-On Remake.
  2. Why the third person camera perspective?
  3. Will there be VR support.
  4. What is the release date of RESIDENT EVIL REMAKE?

TO CLARIFY: It’s Full Resident Evil 2 Remake

This is not a remastered version of RESIDENT EVIL 2 of PS1, actually this is totally remaking of RESIDENT EVIL 2. In this remake of resident evil 2, once again you have a chance to get control of your favourite hero Rookie cop Leon Kennedy and a college boy Claire Redfield. They must escape saving their lives from zombies of the city. All the people of the city are turned into zombies because of a harmful virus. This incident happened after the first event of first resident evil.

 Why the third person camera perspective?

resident evil 2 remake

As we all know that resident evil 2 is a third person shooting game. They have decided to make this game as a third person because they want to give the experience of the horror nature closely and it only possible in third person view, where you can see widescreen natures scenes and horrifying zombies.

WILL THERE BE VR SUPPORT IN Resident Evil 2 Remake?

Maybe, you know that resident evil 7 was the biggest game which could be played with VR headset. So the resident evil team also thinks that a remake of resident evil will also have the ability to support VR but the producers of this game have decided that the game would not be playable with VR. They have decided this because of the over shoulder or third person gameplay view.


The remake of RESIDENT EVIL 2 will be released on 25 January 2019. This data is for all types of gaming systems which could be PS4, XBOX or PC’S. 25th January is not too far but I know for gaming lovers this time is just as a perpetuity.


A new feature has been added in this game. You can push zombies when they are close enough to you and you can also use your knife to kill them when they are closer to you. But when you kill any zombie with your knife then you will have to pick it you knife back else you will lose it.

So, do you think a remake of resident evil 2 is your next dream game? I think it is going to wipe out all other games from the gaming industry as it is most awaited and loved the game.

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