Rapid Typing 5 Free Download Windows 7

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Do you want to learn how to type fast? Rapid Typing 5 Free Download Windows 7 will help you to reach the highest results. We provide the full offline installer for any Windows computer, both 32 and 64-bit. It also supports both Windows 8 & Windows 10.

Rapid Typing 5 For Windows 7 Free Download For Windows

Rapid Typing 5 Free Download Windows 7 Overview

Rapid Typing 5 is outstanding software for those who want to learn touch typing. This skill is necessary nowadays because everyone uses the Internet every day. If you type fast you can increase your productivity, save a lot of time and you get tired much less. This skill is very useful for students, journalists and especially for those who work much with documents and texts.

It has all the necessary components to teach you typing without looking at the keyboard. It has got four different levels so the program is convenient for complete newbies and for experienced typists who want to improve their skills. The special droop mode is convenient for teachers who control their students.

Rapid Typing 5 Features

  • Four levels for students with different levels. There are introductory, beginner, experienced and advanced levels. After completion, you will be able to type very fast subconsciously. Your fingers will find necessary keys automatically and you will concentrate just on the text on the screen but not on the process of typing. Test mode will help you to check your level.

Rapid Typing Free 5 Download Windows 7 Lesson

  • Virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard with highlighted zones for each finger. To make the learning process lighter you will also see the moving arms demonstrating their correct position on the keyboard.

Rapid Typing 5 Free Download Windows 7 Virtual Keyboard

  • Almost any layout support. Rapid typing 5 supports not only QWERTY keyboard but also Dvorak, Colemak, AZERTY, QWERTZ and even one hand layouts. It supports physical keyboards with one, two or three segments.
  • Lesson editor. You can edit existing license but also create your own one. Insert text file and the program will create the lesson activity. Also, you can divide a long text into several parts. The application will count the words and symbols and show your average typing speed.

Rapid Typing 5 Free Download Windows 7 Lesson Editor

  • Progress tracking. Rapid Typing 5 controls your learning progress, so you can see what you achieved at any time. You can sort it by time, courses, days and sessions.
  • Multi-language interface. You can use the Rapid Typing 5 Free Download Windows 7  & 8 & 10 or newer in 24 languages, such as Kurdish, Uzbek, Albanian, including even Abkhazian, Bosnian and others.
  • Courses in many languages. You can learn touch typing in your native language or a language you learn or work with.

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