PokeStop Map – What is PokeStop and how to Find PokeStop Map

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What is Pokemon Go:

Pokemon go a game that is based on physical locations, or you can say it is augmented reality-based game. The game provides the facility to travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokemon go, which means you have to travel to different physical places to play the game. The game uses the geolocation system to track the current location of the user and to communicate with the nearby active players to play the game. However, there are some countries which do not allow the game to play within in them, so users have to check either their region is supported or not.

Supported operating systems:

It supports the both IOS and Android operating system.

What are Pokestops on Map:

Pokestops are the locations where a player can collect different gameplay items like eggs and pokeballs that helps the player to catch more Pokemon and play the wide range of Pokemon. These collectibles will help the player to continue his or her journey in the Pokemon go game. These pokesotps takes the shape of any landmark and popup on the map. Places like gym, malls, fountains, parks, and stores can be a Pokestop and pop up on the Pokemon go map. Players have to take full advantage of pokestops to be the master of Pokemon Go. They can  get different items for free or can catch a bunch of Pokemons there.

How to find Pokestops:

You can easily find the pokestops by just opening up the App and check the blue marks on it; these marks will show you the pokestops gym will look like the tall structure while Pokemon are defending them. Here is a limitation of the game and do you know what is that? You can just check the pokestops which are near to you. What if you want to see the pokestop if that is in different city or town?

Because the game is new and has no universal map to find the pokestops of all around the world, so you have to take help from a 3rd party applicati0on to find the pokestops around the world.

However, ingress is another augmented reality mobile game that has a universal map; we can say that it is the map of pokestops all around the world.

How to use Ingress:

  1. Install ingress on your mobile phone it supports both Android operating system as well as IOS operating system.
  2. Sign up for ingress using google account.
  3. Now you have ton install Tempermonkey extension to your chrome browser on the laptop or
  4. Now install ingress total conversion extension to your chrome browser on laptop or PC.
  5. When both these add-ons are installed just click on this link and log in with the account you already sign up.
  6. Now you have to click on the layer button that is in the upper right corner of ingress intel Map and after that just click on the Google roads.
  7. Check all the portals and place now.
  8. Now you will see blue, orange and green spots on the map. They will also contain pokestops (red and white) and gym with the pokeballs.
  9. Here users can also help Pokemon go community by marking the pokestops and gym.


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