Nova Launcher Prime APK Download To Get Customized Android Home

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Do you like customizing your mobile phone with Nova Launcher Prime APK? Especially its home with colours and icons that you like the most? But you don’t know how to do it what app or software should you use to do so? Put your worries aside because Stablesoft is not going to leave you alone when it comes to the best android apps like Nova Launcher Prime APK. You can always change the colour scheme, menu icons, backgrounds and font sizes and even size of your touch keypad using Nova Launcher app. Say not to dull and rough mobile colours and charge yourself to install nova launcher prime and learn how this app works for android users.

Top Features of Nova Launcher Prime APK

Nova Launcher Prime APk

  • Using this beautiful APK Nova launcher prime app, you will be able to get access to your favourite games or apps more easily because Nova app will allow you to select options from your phone depending on your own ease.
  • You can also add an external plugin called Tesla Unread plugin to the Nova Prime launcher. Are you thinking that what does this plugin do? Actually, this plugin will show you the number of all unread messages on your screen no matter if they are from the messenger, Gmail or hangouts.
  • Have you ever wanted to put all your favourite apps or games in a separate folder or drawer so that you can access and see them in one place? Worry no more because this intelligent app has got it for you. Using this app you can create as many menu drawers or folder to keep your favourite app and games on your android phone.
  • Hey! We are still counting its features 🙂 Nova Launcher will enable you to hide your less used apps to keep your mobile or card memory clean so your phone will never get slow because of the unwanted stuff.
  • You can even set custom actions upon icon swapping or button clicks.
  • And how can you forget about scroll designs and animation that you will get with this app? Are you an iPhone user? Oh sorry, you are not getting these features!

Supported Language for This App

Following are the languages that are supported by the Nova Launcher Prime APK:

  1. English (of course)
  2. Russian
  3. Ukranian

How To install Nova Launcher?

Nova Launcher Prime APK

Note: Also Download and Install KingoRoot For You Android Phone 

Installing Nova Launcher is pretty easy, you can easily install this app but remember, before you install a newer version of this app, uninstall the previous version of Nova APK launcher and Tesla unread plugin.

Now it is time to bang!!!!

Download and install the APK file on your android phone and leave rest on this app. You can download and install the latest version of the Nova Launcher because many previous bugs have been fixed in the newer version. Share and subscribe to email notifications for more fun apps and games because we never miss the FUNNN!!!!


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