Monument Valley apk: new level of puzzle games

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Monument Valley apk is a  very interesting and popular puzzle game. The graphics are absolutely colorful so you will definitely enjoy the greatest picture.

The game world is full of exotic houses and buildings, fresh colors, clean lines. The developers offered the greatest visual comfort and more you can easily take a screenshot and install it as a desktop wallpaper.

First of all, in Monument Valley apk, you will perform actions with incredible architecture and lead a silent princess in a stunningly beautiful world. Monument Valley is a surreal study of fantastic architecture and incredible geometry. Lead a silent princess. Walk through the mysteries, discovering hidden paths and discovering optical illusions, trying to outwit the mysterious people-crows.

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Monument Valley apk features

  • Outstanding performance. You can easily play the game even on old, weak smartphone or tablet. That’s possible because the game doesn’t require many resources. Turn and move everything around, change the world and help to explore it. Everything is done in a way everyone can enjoy the game and easily pass it.
  • Magic music. Use the earphones to feel all those wonderful music effects. Each movement, each element has its own sound effect. With your headphones, you will deeply dive into unbelievable atmosphere.
  • Visual brightness. The game is very colorful, bright and attractive. Actually, each monument used in the game combines the ideas of minimalist three-dimensional designs, optical illusions and elements of real palaces and temples. For this reason, these unique worlds of manual work are waiting for their researchers.
  • Unique genre. In order to pass a game you will definitely require some knowledge of logic, mathematics, physics, etc. For example, you have to calculate something. Of course, you do not have to know them professionally but the game process will not be easy when you know nothing about them. Sometimes you have to make many efforts to find a solution.

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Monument Valley apk information

  • Number of installs: 1.000.000–5.000.000
  • Android version required: 4.1 or later.
  • Age restrictions: 3 years and older.
  • Developer: ustwo games.
  • Free memory required: about 600 MB.
  • Play Store link:


Do you like trying something new? Additionally, we offer you to play this wonderful game. You can get it from Google Play Store or get Monument Valley apk download for free. To download the file, click on this link.

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