Micromax q336 Flash File – Ways To Download And Deploy For Stock Rom [Updated May 2018]

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So, you need to free download Micromax q336 flash file for your phone and it brought you to this website. Well, before we start talking about ways to download and deploy q336 Flash File I guess differentiating between stock ROM and custom Rom Will be a better option.

Stock Rom Vs Custom Rom

Well, at the end of the day both of them bring some good and bad features along with them. In loud and clear words stock Rom is one that is original and comes with your phone or you can even download it from the official website of your phone while on the other hand custom is built manually by different companies and are not perfect.

Basic differences between Stock and Custom Rom

Stock RomCustom Rom
1.      As Mentioned earlier, stock rom is the original version that comes along with your phone when you buy it.2.      While on the other hand, custom ROM is built customized (not by company officials) to create backdoors on our phone.
3.      Stock Rom does not allow rooting apps or apps that require a root to work.4.      Custom Rom allows you to root your phone and it even allows apps that run on the root.


5.      With stock rom you can trust the security of your phone.6.      You can’t say your phone is secure in case of custom rom.


7.      With the deployment of stock rom warranty of your phone will not be affected.8.      In case of your custom ROM, warranty of your smartphone will vanish.
9.      Stock rom is not much customizable10.  While on the other custom ROM is fully customizable
11.  You don’t get regular updates in custom rom.12.  You can get regular updates in custom rom.
13.  You can’t do a lot with your official stock rom because it forbids unknown applications.14.  As you know you can root your phone if you are using custom ROM like installing backdoor applications.


Enough is enough, let talk about your Micromax q336 flash file. Most of the time Micromax users get annoyed when their phone does not work the way they expect and the last option they see is the installation of the Micromax q336 flash file.

How To Download And Deploy Micromax Q336 Flash File?

Deploying this downloaded Micromax q336 flash file is not that difficult as some bloggers might explain it to you but don’t worry and follow my instructions.

So, open the flash tool and load firmware and after that follow my instructions:

  1. Wait until it loads
  2. Click on start button and press and hold volume up and down key and insert USB cable connected to your phone.
  3. Use Volume up Key for the detection of your device.
  4. Wait until progress is complete.
  5. And you are done, congratulations!!!

You can download your required Micromax Q336 Flash File from the given link:

Download File

This setup file is of 718 Mb and is developed by the Micromax official team.