Micromax D303 Flash File – How To Download – Deploy it

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Flashing your mobile phone can be stressful especially when you fail to find a perfect flash file that suits firmware of your mobile phone. What don’t you need what is a firmware? Let me define and describe term firmware for your:

What is firmware?

Firmware, not a complex concept because if you have even little knowledge of mobile phone software then the firmware is nothing but a permanent software that you get from your mobile phone company or in some cases, you get it from your programming companies (custom ROM). This firmware is installed or deployed in reading only memory of your mobile phone. What? Have you some advance knowledge of mobile phone software? Then let me explain firmware in simpler words for you. A firmware is a software that communicates with other programs and hardware at the low machine level.

Let’s now waste our time and talk about our mainstream topic right away i.e. Micromax D303 Flash file and how to download and deploy it.

Micromax D303 Flash File – How To Download – Deploy it

Micromax D303 Flash File

People are searching for their favourite and most demanded Micromax D303 Flash file but guess what? This rare firmware file is not easily available even not on top websites. But no worries, because we are presenting you with the original firmware of Micromax D303 flash file that can be downloaded and then deployed in your phone. The important thing to notice is its offline functionality. This file will work perfectly fine even after you have deployed it on your phone.

You can download this file from below given a downloadable link. This fill will be zipped for security reasons and after you unzip the file it will contain following files:

1.      Flash Tool

2.      USB Driver

3.      Scatter File V12

4.      File size: 793MB

5.      It’s a custom file so it’s developed by Micromax itself

This file is free of cost and you will not have to pay not even a single penny while you are downloading it.

Scroll Down to Download files.

How To Flash Micromax D303 Flash File?

·         After having downloaded the file now you will have to extract this file in your system.

·         You will find 3 files as mentioned above, open your flash tool

·         After Flash tool is opened you will see a new window.

·         Select scatter file from here.

·         You will have to open firmware folder and then click on download button and connect your phone without battery to your laptop/computer using a data cable.

·         It will initiate the flashing.

·         First of all, you will see red loading progress and then orange and finally green.

·         After 100% progress, disconnect your phone and put your battery in.

·         For the first time it will take almost 15 minutes to reboot and then you are done.

Still have problem? Watch Video How to flash Micromax D303

Congratulations! Now you have successfully deployed Micromax D303 flash file to your favourite phone and now you can start enjoying using different apps and games on this mobile phone. You can also Download Micromax A120 flash files

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