How To Solve ERR_SSL_Protocol_Error? Quick Solution

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Many internet users preferred Google Chrome for better browsing. But it has some issues its becomes slow or sometimes you see ERR_SSL_Protcol_Error and also others. But here we are talking about ERR_SSL_Protocol_Error. When you open your browser see a message This Site Can’t Provide a Secure Connection and display the ERR_SSL_Protcol_Error. Mostly this error comes due to a server or sometimes it requires the client authentication certificate that is not available. It can also be caused by other reasons that I am going to tell you all.


Users can browse safely in chrome but the trusted certificates must be required. The SSL Certificate is required for running a good website. If SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is not present then your browser will give this error.

How to Check SSL Certificate?

See the URL of any website. If the left side of the link is secure then it has SSL certificate otherwise it shows the danger sign on left and notice “Not Secure” note the s of https if s is not present with HTTP then it has no certificates.

  1. Disable the Chrome Quic Protocol

How you can disable the quic protocol? This is very popular, trusted and tried the method to fix SSL error. You have to just put this address given below in chrome URL bar:

chrome://flags/#enable-quic” and press the return button.

Select “Disabled” from the drop-down list of a given section. After this, you have to restart your browser you will not see the ERR_SSL_Protcol_Error in your browser.

  1. Check Your Date and Time

Are you thinking this is due to date and time? Yes, this can also due to incorrect date and time. First search in your control panel and search Date and Time you will get it. Correct your date and time with your country time.

  • Internet Browser Extension

Are you getting this SSL certificate error yet? Try your address in incognito mode with the same webpage. If this runs at this time, make sure one of your chrome extension is giving this error. Try to find this bad one. You have to disable or remove this extension. After that check your address in normal mode again.

First, click on Menu>More Tools> Extensions

You will get your extension menu.

  1. SSL State

Occasionally your computer blocks the SSL connection, follow these steps:

Control Panel> Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center> Internet Options > Content > finally click on Clear SSL State > Press Ok.

  1. Internet Security and Privacy

Yes, it can be from your level of security. Change your level from “High Level” to “Medium Level”. Your high level can block some connections, SSL connections, and some others. It may cause ERR_SSL_Protcol_Error.

Follow these steps mentioned below to change it.

Control Panel> Internet Options> Security Tab> Set Medium Level.

After that, you have to do the same with your privacy tab near the security.

Now reload your browser and confirms that your SSL certificate is working. If not? Then do this step described below.

  1. Antivirus Setting

This is the final way to resolve this issue. Sometimes your antivirus scanning your SSL protocol this can cause various problems. So, fix it immediately. Why this problem occurs? Because at the same time the antivirus and the encrypted data collide and it is unavoidable.  This method described below can help you troubleshoot the problem, or you have to update your browser or antivirus or operating system.

Simple go to your antivirus Setup> Advance setting > Protocol Filtering > SSL > Do not scan SSL protocol.

So, clear your browser history and refresh again and enable your SSL scanner again in your antivirus. I hope you will never get ERR_SSL_Protcol_Error again.

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