How to remove virus on Windows

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When you regularly visit different websites, you can easily catch some malicious software or virus. Some of them can be really dangerous, but in many cases, it will just bother you with some suspicious adware. One of such online trash is virus.

It is kind of suspicious software that appears in Windows registry and all browsers. The virus can change the default homepage and block all your efforts to delete it. Some databases detect it as a browser hijacker. Virus

Why can be dangerous?

Any browser hijacker fills your screen with the advertisement and leads to unwanted resources. As mentioned earlier, this kind of viruses changes the default homepage address. So, when you open the browser, it will redirect you to the site the developers entered in the hijack. As for virus, it will redirect you to the porn video website.

The virus also leads to freezing the tabs and CPU overload. And even quite powerful computer works much slower. In some cases, the specialists say that the virus can steal your personal data. So, how to get rid of virus?

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Remove Fuq.Com Virus

First of all, we want to aware you, that you will have to leave the page to finish the process. So, bookmark this page, or open it on your mobile. It will help you not to forget anything. Here are the steps you have to follow.

  1. Download SpyHunter. This is the best software to fight browser hijackers in automatic mode. When you try to delete virus manually, it can take up to several hours and damage many system files. So, click here to download the latest version of the utility.
  2. Reboot your Windows PC in Safe Mode. Do not you know how? Here are some tips:
    • Windows XP and 7: Reboot your PC and before it starts loading again, press F8 several times until the load menu appears. Choose Safe Mode.
    • Windows 8 and 8.1: click the Start button — Control Panel — System and Security — Administrative Tools — System Configuration — check Safe Boot — OK — Restart.
    • Windows 10: Start — Settings — Update and Security — Recovery — Advanced startup — Restart now. When the PC restarts, choose to Troubleshoot — Advanced options — Startup Settings — Restart. Then press F5 to select the Safe Mode with Networking.
  3. Double-click the downloaded installer of SpyHunter and wait until it downloads all necessary files.
  4. Install the software, choose the free edition to start and click Scan to check your system.
  5. When you see the scanned results (the app will show them in one window), buy the utility to delete all the found threats.
  6. After the procedure of registration, you will be able to clean your PC from virus.

This way is the most convenient way to get rid of virus. But better try to avoid attending suspicious websites and get good antivirus.