How to get and use HP Solution Center Windows 10 – [Updated May 2018]

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The Hewlett-Packard is well known for its wide range of color printers. To manage the printers, scanners and multifunction devices you should use the official software and avoid any problems while using the devices you use the official version of HP Solution Center Windows 10. Moreover, it’s vital to use the software when your printer or scanner was manufactured before 2011.

So, what is HP Solution Center and how to use it on your Windows PC? Let’s look closer.


What is HP Solution Center Windows 10

As mentioned earlier, it is the official driver pack for Windows computers. It helps to use any HP device like a printer, scanner, and multifunction device. Also, It contains the full pack of drivers so you will not have to look for them to make your printer work. In any case, it makes the process of installation and usage much easier.


How to use HP Solution Windows 10

  • Go to HP Support page and enter your device name in the search field in the middle of the screen. You can type the serial number, model name, series, etc. In most cases, the system automatically identifies your operating system. If it didn’t happen, choose it from the dropdown list.

HP Solution Center Windows 10 menu

  • On the next page, the system will offer you several download options: full drivers and software pack, basic drivers, firmware, and depending on the model, diagnostics tool, and other files.
  • Choose the full pack and save it to your hard drive. Average file size is about 150 Mb.
  • Launch the downloaded file and follow the install wizard commands. When it asks to connect your device, insert the USB cable into the port and turn on the device.
  • After installation, you can see the icon in the taskbar. If you want to get some information about your printer or scanner, click its icon and open the menu.

Be aware, that you can use HP Solution Center Windows 10 only when your device was produced not later than in 2010. Since 2011, this application was replaced by another one, with similar functionality.

HP Solution Center Windows 10 status


Download HP Solution Center Windows 10 file info

Supported operating systems: Windows 10 and older.

File size: 150 Mb average.

Filename depends on the model.

License model: free.


So, if your Hewlett-Packard printer, scanner or multifunction device, feel free to download and install it on your computer. You can get the program here.

Download Here


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