How to fix taskbar search problems in Windows 10

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Do you want to find how to fix taskbar search problems in Windows 10? Many users complain about the search bar of Windows 10. I will tell you some ways to activate your windows 10 search bar. So let’s start it. Users complain about the following problems:

1. Your Cortana gets stuck when you ask her for something.
2. All things mixed up.

I am going to tell you some different ways to resolve this issue. The first way to resolve this issue is by restarting your computer, I hope restarting your device can resolve this issue. If it does not work, try another way which is end Cortana’s process may it work for your device.

How To End Cortana’s Process?

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the taskbar and then right click on the Cortana’s running process and END THIS TASK.

Another way to resolve this issue is closing and reopening windows explorer. If these all ways don’t work, then you may need to restart your windows search service. You may also want to run the troubleshooter to restore windows indexing service. You can also resolve this issue by set startup and restart windows search service or changing the size of your paging file. Now I am going to explain these ways to resolve your problem easily.
The first method is restarting.

RESTARTING Your Computer

Every computer user knows this how to restart a computer. This is so simple, just click on start button and go in power option find restart and simply click on it.


Ending Cortana’s process is also simple. Right click on your taskbar menu appears to click on task manager find Cortana icon click on Cortana icon and then click on end task.


Right click on the taskbar, find task manager in the menu and click on it, now find windows explorer and click on restart.


Sometimes restarting you search service can resolve this issue. Press start + R to open run type services. MSc and hit enter and now find windows search and right click on it and click Restart.


Task bar search pro blems in windows 10 can be sometimes resloved by troubleshooting the problem. Open your run box by pressing start + R and type control panel and hit enter now click on system and security, now search and indexing. Run as administrator and click next to launch troubleshooter. Tick that checkbox which is troubling you and clicks next. You need to check don’t appear any file in search and click and then next. It may detect your problem or may not detect your problem.


Some PCs has a problem of forgetting to start windows search service and you can resolve this issue by this simple method. Open your run box search services. MSc and hit enter. Right click on windows search and go into its properties. Click on startup type click on automatic delayed startup or automatic depending upon your preferences. Click apply and click on ok. Right click on windows search again and click Restart.
I hope one of these methods will help you in resolving your problem and if these methods don’t help you in resolving your problem then leave your issue in the comment box and we will try to resolve your issue.

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