How to fix NVIDIA Control Panel not opening on Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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The latest upgrade in Windows 10 can cause a problem to your NVIDIA graphic card. Users reported problems with your NVIDIA control panel. Most users say that when they open NVIDIA control panel on their computer, they see nothing but a blank screen. I have proposed some tricks for you to fix and here are they:

First I suggest you turn off your windows update to save you window’s disk space and your PC’s performance because the window’s update takes your disk space which can slow down your computer’s performance. As we have discussed earlier, the last update of windows 10 cause issues with the NVIDIA graphic card. In this case, your device manager will show you NVIDIA drivers as properly installed but they are not. This issue can be resolved easily by using a simple and very easy method. Read this article till the end to resolve your NVIDIA control panel easily and in a better way.



First, you need to check if your drivers are up to date or not and to do so, right click on your taskbar and open device manager, left click on it now double click on display adapters and now click on NVIDIA graphic card. Now click the driver tab at the top of the window to check your drivers are expired or not if your graphics card shows an alert icon at the top of NVIDIA icon it means that your graphics drivers are up to date.

Now there is another question on how to update your graphics card’s drivers if they are not installed? Let me tell you a very simple method to update your graphics drivers, simply, right click on your NVIDIA graphic card’s icon and click update drivers. The computer will ask you for two options i.e. search automatically or install custom drivers. If you have got drivers on the computer may be in the form of the CD/DVD or USB then click on custom install but I will suggest you search automatically because it will download and install latest drivers for your NVIDIA graphic card. It will take a while for downloading and installing drivers but I am quite sure it will resolve your control panel’s issue. When your computer has done the downloading and installation progress of drivers, you will need to click on close. When you hit the close button, a small bar appears which asks you for restarting your pc, this bar will appear if your drivers are done. When you restart your computer your drivers are now updated and your issue is resolved. But if the computer fails to find your NVIDIA drivers automatically then you can try manual method. You just need to download the latest pack of drivers for your NVIDIA graphic card because if you have an older version of drivers, it won’t be able to resolve your issue.

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