How To Fix Android OS Battery Drain

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What kind of problem is absolutely common to both top Android devices and nameless brands devices owners? Definitely, it’s very little battery life. In some cases, it can be as low as several hours, and the users have to recharge their gadgets very often. Android OS battery drain is a huge problem for the majority of people who actively use these phones and tablets.

The smartphones and tablets manufacturers are trying to solve the disadvantage by using more powerful batteries. But it often causes the size of the device increase, and it becomes not so convenient to use it every day.

Google engineers took the situation into account and reworked energy controlling components in their last edition of Android OS. For example, many users noticed that new Android 7 and 8 are keeping the battery significantly longer. Besides, many manufacturers develop their own firmware with highly improved energy efficiency.

But what should the users facing the Android OS battery drain do to keep it longer? Here are some tips that can really help you.


Fixing Android OS battery drain

Clear Cache

In most cases, it really helps. Some specialists consider it as the best solution. Why it’s so useful? When your device works, it stores a lot of temporary files to improve the performance. When you regularly use some apps, cache files help to launch them faster. But you pay for this convenience by Android OS battery drain. How can you clear cache on your device? There are two ways.

  • Device settings. Go to Settings — Memory (Storage in new Android versions) — Cached data. Tap it and choose Yes when the system asks if you want to clear cache. Don’t forget to reboot the device.

Android recovery

  • Recovery mode. This is a special mode that helps you to maintain your device. To enter it hold power and volume buttons until the special menu appears. Choose Wipe data and cache — Wipe cache. Reboot the device in regular mode.

Notice. The ways to enter the recovery mode depends on the device and manufacturer. Try the following combinations: Power + Volume Up, Power + Volume Down, Power + Volume Up + Volume Down.


Clear Google Play Services Data

Google Play Services is one the core components of any Android device. It helps to run and control all the apps. But it often causes the faster Android OS battery drain as it uses many resources. How to fix the issue?

Go to Settings — Apps — Google Play Services — Storage — Manage Space — Clear All Data. Reboot the device.


Close Background Apps or Uninstall Useless Apps

When you install many apps on your device, they load the processor and battery causing the Android OS battery drain. It happens because not all of them are well optimized and keep the device awake.

How can you cope with the issue?

  • Delete the apps you don’t regularly use. Go to Settings — Apps — choose the app you want to remove — Uninstall.
  • If you use Android 7 or later, configure the memory usage. Go to Settings — Memory — Apps started on boot — choose the app — uncheck “Keep awake”, “Run in background”, “Start at boot”.
  • Use special software to force kill your apps. Greenify is one of the best options.


Disable Automatic Backup

Android allows you to save all personal data on their servers. In some cases, it can really help when something happens to your device, but it also causes Android OS battery drain. How to disable it? Enter Settings — Back and Reset — Back up my data and uncheck the box.


Battery Calibration

If nothing helps you to avoid Android OS battery drain, try to calibrate the battery. The best way to do that is to use the app. One of the best apps is Battery Calibration. Install it and follow the app’s instruction.