How Much Space Does Windows 10 Take? [Detailed Guide]

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What is Windows 10:

Before going to How Much Space Does Windows 10 Take, let us know what is Windows 10? Windows 10 is an operating system designed by Microsoft in 2015 as the latest version of Windows 8. The windows 10 is specially designed for mobile devices while it is also the best choice for laptops, computers, tablets and embedded devices. The users of previous versions of windows can easily upgrade their operating system to Windows 10 without swapping the disk or installing the whole new operating system they just need to upgrade the existing system, and their device will be upgraded to the new windows 10 without any data loss or setting misplace.

It is a great feature of Windows 10 so users can easily adapt the new member of the Windows family. Windows update assistant will be helpful in this whole scenario to update the operating system.

Advantages of Windows 10 over the previous version:

Windows 10 is more secure and more reliable than the previous versions. It provides more features to the user as compared to the previous version of windows. Cortana is a great feature offered by Windows 10 if you are more likely to have a virtual assistant to manage your tasks. Integrates search is also an amazing feature of Windows 10 that helps us to search for anything from the whole system in just a few seconds.

Cortana is integrated with the bing search, and the user can easily search through voice or text input to reach to its destination either it’s a web search or a file or program on the computer. The windows defender is one of the most valuable features of Windows 10, after windows defender, there is no need for any antivirus to protect your computer or laptop. The defender is providing the best virus protection, and also it is being updated by Microsoft regularly.

Windows 10 Minimum Requirements:

  1. Processor: The Processor should be 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster.
  2. RAM: Ram Memory Should Be 1 (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit.
  3. Hard disk space: Hard disk space should be 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit.
  4. Graphics card: The built-in DirectX 9 or later with Windows Display Driver Model 1.
  5. Display: 800×600 minimum.

How Much Space Does Windows 10 Take:

Windows 10 is not much disk space efficient in reality. We can say that it is the space-hungry operating system that takes a lot of disk space to function properly. The user should have at least 40 GB of disk space to install and working of windows properly. Windows 10 also consume more space after installing it on the system, and it expands its files. Which means if you are the thing to install it on the small SSD devices like  32 Gb or 64 GB, it is not going to work properly. 100 GB to 150 GB partition for Windows 10 will be a superb choice to start using this operating system.

Clean Storage Space From Windows Partition:

  1. Just use the CCleaner to clean all the junk from your computer to make more space.
  2. Delete all the temporary files from “temp”  folder of windows. These files are useless and junk files.
  3. Install the big applications on a secondary partition, not the windows partition.
  4. Use portable applications like portable browsers etc.

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