GTA San Andreas APK File Free Download For Android

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GTA San Andreas APK File is a dream for gamers. Do you know this game was originally released for computer and PlayStations but not for the android phones? After its sky touching success its developers thought about releasing this game for android users too.

What Is This Game is All About?

So, if you haven’t played this game before then it is going to be fun for me to explain this game to you. GTA San Andreas is actually not the first version of this game, in fact, this game was firstly released as GTA 1, GTA 2, GTA 3 then Vice City and now GTA San Andreas. Talking about the story of this game, you will be surprised to know that this game is based on gangster life where a guy who migrates from one city to another and then gets trapped in a police – gang war. So, his survival struggle starts and he ends up being a top gangster of the city.

Features of GTA San Andreas APK File

This is more like a freestyle game where you can ride bikes, bicycles, drive cars or even ride a train. You can run, walk, go to the gym, eat and kill people with guns and even with your punch. Once you do an illegal thing in the city, police will chase you and then you will have to run for your life and survive police arrests etc. Personally, I think that this game is more fun when you play it on computer or PlayStation because a mobile can’t provide you wide enough screen to enjoy the story of the game.

This game was developed by the Rockstar games who are best known for their entertainment games. So, let’s have a look at its some of the best features:

  1. A beautiful story oriented game
  2. Android Version of the real computer game
  3. Best action
  4. Freestyle game where you can race, ride and fight
  5. You are supposed to complete the given missions.
  6. Well defined graphics
  7. Best speech
  8. creative cars
  9. Exciting police chases

and a lot more.

Supported Android versions

As this game is one of the heaviest games on the PlayStore. All android version doesn’t support this game. First supported version of this game was Honeycomb which extends to Marshmallow covering all other Android versions that lie in between.

Download GTA San Andreas APK File

The downloading process is quite simple. Just click download button from below and then after you have downloaded it proceed to the installation process. Remember you should download this file directly to your SD card.

How to Install?

Usually, we don’t talk about installation process in our this section but installing this version of the game can sometimes cause problems to the users so I thought why not I instruct my fellas about it.

Please, don’t forget to turn off your data or other internet connection services to avoid disturbance and downloading of extra files while you are trying to install it. After you have downloaded the file, you will see the file named as OBB, just unzip this file and install it on your mobile phone but in case, this OBB file doesn’t exist, you will need to create this directory in your mobile SD card and then install it.

Hope you will successfully download GTA San Andreas APK file.

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