GTA Liberty City Stories APK Free Download For Android Phone

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GTA Liberty City Stories APK file has always been a dream for gamers to get it. This game is a full package for game lovers where you can discover different cities of America. This game is specially developed for people who hate their free time because this game gives you hours of joy. From here you can download GTA Liberty City Stories APK file for free of cost.

Download GTA Liberty City Stories APK

So, you are also a grand theft auto fan like me? This game is not as advanced and developed as GTA San Andreas was but it still makes difference when it comes to typical android games. This game is compact with short game missions that might be consisted of killing your opponent gang members, driving and other similar tasks. The story of this game revolves around a guy named as Toni. He kills a crazy guy when he was in another city. After killing that idiot he returns to his home city Liberty City hiding from the police and this is where real game starts. Where he wants to start some illegal things in the city but the first opposition that he faces is his mother.

And then many political agents try to kill him to clean their city from the illegal and offensive people.

Graphics And GamePlay

Ah! graphics of this game are highly eye-catching and well defined. They give a sense of reality to the game players because developers of the game have defined each and everything to the physics level. The game is easy to play and you will not have to waste your a lot of time to understand its gameplay. You will see highly advanced graphics that are followed by the real shadows, in short, developers have kept practical physics in mind while they were developing this exciting new game. Talking about its sound effects, they are just perfect and well suited along with the story and graphics the game. You will even be able to listen to your favourite songs while you are sitting in the car and driving it.


Who doesn’t know about developers of this game? This game has been on our mobile phones or computers for years and is yet interesting and entertaining. This game was developed by the Rockstar developers.

Compatible Android Versions

GTA Liberty City Stories APK file is compatible with all numerous android types. This game is supported by the Android version that lies in between Icecreamcandy and Nougat 9.0. In short, it is not supported by older android versions.

So, why don’t you download this game right now and play this game with your favourite character called Toni? This game is an amazing thing for Android users and they can download it on their android phones to enjoy playing this detailed game. In this game, you can also ride bikes and fight police.

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