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Introduction to Windows:

Windows is a graphical user interface operating system family introduced by Microsft corporations. Basically, it is a collection of programs that make an operating system  (OS) to control a personal computer (PC). Before windows, most of the computer used the command based operating system, but on November 20/ 1985 Microsoft represented the Windows operating system that brought graphical user interfaces for its users, and it nearly dominated on the whole computer world within no time.

Because windows provide an easy and straightforward user interface everything is under just a click you can use a pointer to use buttons and functions. Now after windows operating system launch user do not need to remember difficult and tricky commands od DOS (Disk Operating System) or any other command link operating systems. Microsoft Windows came in 9 major versions, it stared up with windows 1, and now the latest edition is windows 10 ( keep in mind it is not continuous from 1 to 10).

Evolution of Windows from Windows 1 to Windows 10:

 Windows 1:

The game was begun on 20 November 1985 when the Microsoft released first graphical user interface known as Windows 1 and Windows 1 take over the DOS operating system.

Windows 2 :

In 1987 Microsoft launched Windows 2 that was the next version of first windows, it introduced the concept of minimizing and maximizing. Some new settings and configuration are delivered in the windows 2. Excel is also firstly introduced by Windows 2.

Windows 3:

Windows  3 was the first windows that required hard disk storage and also considered as the most prominent challenger of Macintosh. It was 16 bit and can run MS-DOS in itself so you can also use command line interface within the Windows for the first time with the help of Windows 3. It supported 256 colors.

Windows 3.1:

In 1992 the windows 3.1 was released, and the significant functionalities of it was a TrueType font, Minesweeper game and user can control MS-DOS with the help of mouse for the first time in windows 3.1. It was first windows that were distributed on CD and required minimum 1MB of RAM.

Windows 95:

As the name describes the Windows 95 was initially released in 1995 the main prominent feature of it was the Start button on the bottom left corner of the screen. It introduced the first plug and played connector for peripheral devices. It also launched the 32-bit version of windows.

Windows 98:

Windows 98 was released in 1998, and it brought a lot of features and functionalities for its users. Some prominent features of Windows 98 are internet explorer, media player, Microsoft chat and many more features. Driver model is the latest addition in 98 for the first time.

Windows Me:

You might hardly listen to the name of windows me, but yes It was also the product of windows and introduced in September 2000. Me stands for millennium edition here. Windows movie maker and internet explorer auto-complete features were the first inventions in it. However, this version was badly buggy and hard to install due to many errors.

Windows 2000:

The Windows 2000 was released after windows me, and it was a stable version than windows me.

Windows XP:

It was released in October 2001 and was much modified than previous versions it got huge success and stability in term of user experience.

Windows Vista:

It was released in 2007 and was more secure than windows xp. Hence, there was an issue with windows vista that it contains a lot of app permission required from the user, so the user has to approve and disapprove every program that means it was frustrating too. Microsoft DirectX was also included in it. For the first time.

Windows 7:

The Windows 7 was launched in 2009 and contains less dialog box and app permissions then the windows vista, and it also has many functionalities than the windows vista.

Windows 8:

Windows 8 was released in October 2008. It contains a lot of widgets and has more touch friendly behaviour. It came up with many upgradations and windows store was a prominent feature of it.

Windows 8.1:

Windows 8.1 was released in 2013 after Windows 8, and it contains new user interface. In Windows 8.1 Microsoft also removed all the bugs and errors that were present in Windows 8 previously.

Finally: Windows 10

I know you have been waiting a long time to just read about Windows 10 in details. Now we will only discuss the windows 10 in detail. On 30 September 2014 Microsoft released the beta version of Windows 10 to tested by the users. For one year it was almost the beta version, and it also returned to the traditional Microsoft Windows desktop and start button instead of windows 8 view.

Hence from start to end windows 10 OS is famous for its look and design. Windows 10 provides the advanced level; of security to the user, they also added the windows defender as default antivirus and provided the maximum level of protection to its user. Windows 10 is providing the security from hackers, spammers, and all unwanted threats. It has a secure firewall and defender. The user experience with Windows 10 is super smooth and bug-free.

Prominent features of Windows 10 (Pro and Enterprise edition):

  1. Windows 10 enhances The snap views
  2. It provides the multiple desktops to its users
  3. Provides the Microsoft passport
  4. It has excellent multimedia and high-quality gaming support with HD graphics
  5. Windows 10 introduces here the artificial intelligence system as autoresponder Cortana
  6. The windows defender is one of the most effective and most needed addition
  7. The start menu of windows 10 is iconic and beautiful
  8. It contains the Microsoft edge as default browser instead of internet explorer
  9. Windows 10 store is also the most amazing feature of it
  10. Windows hello is one of the most convenient features of Windows 10
  11. Continuum model is also super cool addition to the windows 10
  12. User can fully optimize the desktop in windows 10
  13. Multitasking is super efficient with Windows 10
  14. Bit locker is the best feature

Discontinued features:

  • Microsoft removed Windows media center from windows 10
  • Team also removed Windows DVD player
  • User cannot update windows with his her choice
  • Windows removed the One drive built-in sync client

Minimum System requirements for Windows 10 (Pro and Enterprise):

  • Windows 10 supports the 32 or 64 but systems
  • Minimum recommended disk drive to install windows 10 is 50GB
  • Recommended RAM is 4GB minimum
  • Minimum recommended processor is core i3

Download link:

Download your Windows 10 ISO file from here and make a flash drive bootable with UUI (Universal USB installer free software) and then install it on your PC or Laptop.

Final Words:

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