Free Download Fire Emblem Heroes APK For Your Android Phone

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Fire Emblem Heroes APK

Fire Emblem heroes apk is an action game and if you love to play action games then this game is best of all action games. In this game, there are many heroes with different qualities. It is an android based game. FEmblemblem is free to download. This game is available at different difficulties, play on these difficulties and increase the strength of your favorite heroes such as weapons, skills, equipable items leveling and much more. Upgrade your favorite heroes to big levels to make sure your victory.

  • Story modes:

This game also provides you original story modes, this game also provides different difficulties, in this game, there are 400 story stages. Complete these stories to get orbs which help you In summoning heroes.


  • intense battles:

take part in strategic turn-based battles which help you in setting your palm and help you in knowing the advantages and disadvantages of different heroes and their weapons. You can also set an auto-battle mode that can help your characters to fight on their own.


  • replayable modes:

This not only provides you with the best understandable story mod but it can also provide you with the other modes in which you can fight against other players and much more.


  • Strengthen your favorite heroes:

In this game, you can strengthen your favorite heroes in many ways such as skills, leveling, weapons and much more things.


  • Original characters meet legendary:

This game provides you new characters and also provides you some previous heroes like some characters play from your side as allies and other characters play at against you as enemies.


  • Conditions:

This game requires some conditions. These conditions are given below.


  1. This game will need an internet connection and may data charges apply.
  2. Your age must be 13+ to play this game using Nintendo account.
  • What’s new:

In this game now new events and grand conquests are added which give you more entertainment.In this diversion new weapons abilities are likewise included, these extra weapons can likewise be redesigned in weapons refinery, the breaking point on saint justify is been raised to 5000. Presently In this diversion, new notices are likewise added to home screen.


  • About this game:

Version of this game is 2.4.0 (230191) for android 4.2+(jelly bean MR1, API 17)

This game last updated on 2018-04-10

Signature: 0c3d789f5ed23f2b34c79660a37190d1c873a3f2

APK FILE SHA1:  ae3f4e4ed710ac946b57f08df15a69ced15edb1c


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This game is very easy to download and also easy to play. Download this game from google app store and enjoy this game with the best story, heroes, weapons and much more things.

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