FOR HONOR Open BETA – Starting From Today, Be Part

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For Honor Open beta was arranged on February 14 in the year 2017. The game’s developers have had decided to arrange a beta to allow players to play some part of this game to increase the crush of this game for players. In this beta, the game developers allow PS4, Xbox and ON PC players as well.

for honor open beta

In this beta, the players were allowed to play with nine heroes of the game and the total number of heroes in this game are 12. The players which have taken part in this beta will have a chance to play 4 out of 5 modes in this beta. Now you are thinking about maps? There is six number of maps which are included in this For Honor open Beta. The closed beta of this game was started on January 26 and ended on January 29. Closed beta is for players of PS4, XBOX, and PC. The players who participated in this beta have had some terms and conditions i.e. first was for players to must sign up to participate in this beta the registration of this game was started in December and open till beta.

Some requirements which were announced for participating players were as follows.

must need to complete for participating in this beta.

Terms and conditions for For Honor Open Beta

  1. The first condition was the players must have registered to take part in for HONOR BETA. The registration for this beta was started in December and ends till beta begins.
  2. Condition number two, you must have a required healthy internet connection to play this game without interruptions this condition is to reduce lagging problem for players.
  3. For participating in this beta you must have a PC, XBOX or PS4 to take part in this beta.

Now I am going to tell you about closed beta to open beta patch.

At number first I am going to tell you about the rematch system which was played in this beta. When all players are ready for a rematch, the game starts automatically and 6+ players required to start the game or else the game will have disbanded automatically.

Now I am going to tell about more things which increase the craze for this game.

Yes, I am going to tell you about the bugs which were solved in this beta, so let’s start.

Matchmaking PROBLEMS in open honour beta version

The first bug in match making which is solved is matchmaking requests by-pass all parameters creating unbalanced and cross content match.

Second bug which was cleared in this game was geo localization of players was improved.


In this correction of bug, the steel awarded is increased at end of matches for all modes. For example, if I a PvP match players are awarded 30 steels but after this clarification of bug now players are warded with 40 steel at the end of the match.

The last bug which is solved in this beta is attack indicator, the indicator is now visible on the radar. Now I suggest you to get this game and enjoy its full version.

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