Final Fantasy 7 Android Free Download For Your Android Phone

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Final Fantasy 7 Android is a cool game for Android users. As you can guess this is the 7th version of this game which has been entertaining its players for years. This game is fully unlocked and will not cost you even a single penny to download or play it. This game revolves around an innovative story that is going to touch your heart and soul at the same time.

Free Download Final Fantasy 7 Android

You will be able to download this storytelling game with just one click. Don’t worry it won’t take you a lot of time to get this game. This is an RPG game, don’t worry, here RPG doesn’t mean a weapon. In the game world, RPG means a game where you will be able to play the main role. I mean the story of the game the will revolve around your fictional character.

Story Oriented Game

Final Fantasy 7 is a story oriented game where you will be playing a major active role in the story. Actually, in this game you were the protagonist of the game will be killing people for money. This story showcases a lot of love, hate, blood and lessons for the game players.  Actually, this game is a wake-up call to the world power like electricity. A company that is named as Shinra holds the most of the power supply and is responsible for the power supply in the whole world.

Every story has a group that plays negative role and of course this story also has the same. A group that is named as Avalanche wants to destroy the world and that is the reason why they one day attack the major energy sources and destroy it to the ground and results in total supply surrealist throughout the region.

After this attack many groups rise in the region to save it from enemies for the sake of the peace and love. You will be playing part of the paid killer. Game also includes some emotional scenes that can bring tears into your eyes.

If you love playing games even on mobiles with controllers then you should download this game because this game is fully compatible with the external controllers.

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Supported Android

In Final Fantasy 7 Android, you will be given task to save the region from the enemies and people will be looking at you to help them out. So, Android version that are Jellybean or above will fully support this game. Android version that are below Jellybean will not support this excellent game.

Installation Instruction

You can install this game by downloading it directly to your SD card where game installation will take place in OBB. You will need to create to this folder if it already doesn’t exist.

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