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Final cut pro was first developed by the international company called Macromedia but soon it went obsolete for the users. Then it was reproduced by popular company Apple in 2011. As you know Apple manufactures mobile phones, computers and laptops that are based on their own operating system called IOS so this software that was built by Apple can’t be used in WINDOWS.

Why Do We Use Final Cut Pro For Windows?

Macromedia final cut pro for windows could be used to edit, add effects and add new items to your already captured video. In this software, you can import your target video and then edit it as per your requirements. This software will let you add as many awesome features in your videos as you like.

Pro Features of Final Cut Pro

final cut pro download

Final cut pro for windows is perfect to trim, add pictures and edit your videos. It will allow you to mix pictures, videos, add music and edit them. You can use this software as a windows movie maker. This software is fun to use and operate. Other features of this software as enlisted below:

  1. Adding Effects
  2. Linking videos
  3. Adding music
  4. Editing
  5. Magnetic timeline
  6. Auditions and a lot more

How To Download Final Cut Pro For Windows

I recommend people to download Final Cut Pro for windows from Macromedia, not from Apple stores. Downloading and installing this exciting software is not a complex task as it just takes basic knowledge of computer. So, first of all, we need to discuss the setup file details and requirements and are discussed below:

  • Setup file of this software is around 2.1GB.
  • Could be installed offline
  • The last Release was on 22nd March
  • Supported on 32bit and as well 64bit windows
  • Developed by Apple
  • Version is 10.1.1 (Trial Version)

Of course, as you know every software has some requirements regarding your computers and so is our Final cut pro. Your system should fulfil following requirements of the software:

  • 2GH Processor
  • At least 3.5GB or local drive free space
  • 4GB Ram
  • Macromedia has developed it for the window but this software is available for OS users only i.e. X v10.09.

Take a look here for Final Cut Pro – FULL TUTORIAL

Download Final Cut Pro From here

So, at least you are here. You wait is over because now you are only one step away from download your favourite video editing software. Just click the download link present below to download the required Final Cut Pro trial version. After the file has been downloaded successfully now you are supposed to open the file location and install it on your system. It can take few minutes to install but after it has been installed you can start editing your videos and sharing it with your friends and family. You can also Download Corel Draw x8


Update: Am so Sorry this Software only works on Mac OS. There is no Final Cut Pro for Windows OS. But you can always Download Virtualbox and install MAC OS Sierra, Then Final Cut Pro and it will work. Take a look here how to do it.

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