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Some time ago Microsoft Windows launch updates for improvements security and overall interface improvement in the existing operating systems. These updates are available for the user to download and install after a specific set of time. However, sometimes when a user downloads or install the updates a message show an error. The error which you see in the screen is “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709: Failed to install“. The authentic cause of this problem is not finding although many solutions are available to solve this problem, So today in this article we explain the different solution of this problem and also check how to fix this problem let’s see;


If you update Windows 10 feature, version 1709 then you must follow these suggestions:

1. If your system uses antivirus then firstly disable antivirus or uninstall from your system.

2. Disconnect any external hardware if you connected on your device.

3. Updates take some time or a few hours to download and install so be patient.

4. First of all, run Windows update troubleshooter before applying any other method.

For open troubleshooter go to Settings then Update & Security go to Troubleshoot and then Windows Update.

Now we check some different method to fix feature update to Windows 10 version 1709 failed to install:


We can solve this problem by using the different command on command prompt. These commands are used to reset modules and bring them into proper configuration. When you apply command administrator permission are required to perform all these operations.

1. In the search menu type cmd. Command prompt in front of your screen run as administrator and open it.

2. open your command prompt and type the following lines and then press Enter after each typing:

3. Now type these below command in the command prompt and after each typing press Enter.

4. In this step type the below command and after typing each press Enter.

5. After complete these above steps and Run Windows Update.

If this method fixes your update problem well good! if not don’t worry try another below method:


The Windows Update folder which is located in (C:\SoftwareDistribution), in this folder after downloading Windows store the new updates. If your “SoftwareDistribution” folder’s corrupted the files and during downloading and installing updates corrupted and cause problems then you can easily solve this problem to delete the “SoftwareDistribution” folder.

Follow below steps to delete the “SoftwareDistribution” folder:

1. Press Win+R keys at a time and open the run command box.

2. In command box type services.msc and then press ok.

3. Windows update service is located in right pane from the list of service.

4. On “Windows Update” right click and then stop service.

5. Service windows close.

6. Now open Windows Explorer and search to C:\Windows folder.

7. find the SoftwareDistribution folder and then Delete.

8. Restart your System.

9. Go to the Setting after restart system and then select Update & Security.

10. In the end, step check for updates and install them.

Note: May possible you cannot stop the Windows Update service then you can follow
the below steps:

1. To open its Properties double click on it.

2. To Disabled set the Startup type and then click Ok.

3. Now Restart your system.

4. Once your system restart then continues from step 6.


1. May possible when you delete the folder a message show “Folder in use-try again“, in this case, restart your system in safe mode and again repeat the procedure.

2. If you have Startup type = Disabled then your windows update service is disabled in this case go to the service and set the startup type in to Automatic.