epsxe APK Free Download For Your Android and Enjoy

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So, now you can download ePSXe APK files for your android device on just a single click. Remember, getting ePSXe will not be a problem when you are visiting our Stable Softs website that provides you with the best ever android apps and games that are freeware. For people who don’t know what actually ePSXe is, let’s discuss it:

What is ePSXe?

ePSXe is actually a simulation application for Android users that lets them simulate PlayStation games on their android phones. Who doesn’t like playing PlayStation games? I guess everyone does but one few of the PlayStation admirers get to play their favourite games on PlayStation. Keeping this difficulty in mind, a software company known as ePSXe has developed this innovative Android app to provide you with the fun of PlayStation on your own android phone or tablet.

What Type of PlayStation Experience Does it Give?


This amazing PlayStation emulator can emulate you the experience of PlayStation 1 (PS1) and you will be able to play almost all games that were released for PS1. In short, you will be able to enjoy the real PlayStation games on your very own Android phone without buying an expensive PlayStation.

Another noticeable thing about this emulator application is its light version that will never hang your phone. This supports a quality sound system and same graphics and sound as you enjoy your real PlayStation. And you know what is an amazing thing about this app is it even allows you to support GL HD card to get the full amusement of the real PlayStation.

Multiple Player Support

People play PlayStation games to challenge their friends and family from the screen and that is the reason why developers of this ePSXe APK file has kept an option of playing the multiplayer game on the same mobile screen. How is it even possible? Yes, it is possible, if you click navigation buttons your phone screen will be split into two portions from where two different players will be able to control the same game.

Can I use Cheat Codes?

The most common question that I have heard about this app is will I be able to use cheat codes? And the answer is Yes!! You can use some cheat codes to get your gaming experience going. In fact, you can’t only play games, use cheat codes but will also be able to save your game when out of the time of having work.

List of Basic Features

  1. You can use split screen to play multiplayer game
  2. Full HD music and Video support
  3. Light and will not hang your phone
  4. VR touch screen system

What Android Version Does it Support?

Amazingly, this emulator will support any android version of Android from 2.3.3 To 6.0.1.

How To Download ePSXe APK File

Man, its difficult to download it!

Just kidding, you can download this beast app with just a single click. Just click on the download button from the below download button and get this phone in the local storage of your phone. So, hope you will enjoy ePSXe APK File.


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