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Drastic DS Emulator APK is actually used as an emulator that could also be used to play Nintendo games. This APK file is heaven for Nintendo lovers and can anyone in love within seconds with it.  This beautiful emulator was developed by Exophase who are best known for their Android apps. This application is designed for both Android and Nintendo but people mostly love it because it lets them play Nintendo games on it. As Drastic DS Emulator is a newly featured emulator that inhibits multiple exciting features.

As you know this emulator is specially designed to play games on it and that is the reason why its layout is kept simple and straight.  You can even use it in portrait mode where all video games images and graphics will look more cool and bigger.

Save Game Like You are on A  Game Station

As we were discussing, this emulator is specified for the gameplay only so you can pause your game in between whenever you have something else to do. You can even store your game on cloud drives like Google and directly play it from there if your phone is running out of memory.

Another amazing thing about this emulator app is its ability to accept cheat codes. As you know most of the games sometimes need cheat games to dominate the missions and most of the android phones do not accept cheat codes while you are playing games but our ideal case, if you have Drastic DS emulator APK file then you can even make use of cheat codes without any fear or hesitation.

Let’s talk about some more compact features of this app:

  1. Stunning emulator designed to play Nintendo games on android devices
  2. Will give extra quality graphics quality if compared with the normal Android games.
  3. While you are playing games in this emulator you can tilt your phone in portrait or landscape mode. In short, you can play your favourite games in any position you want to because it will automatically change the screen type once you tilt your phone.
  4. As discussed above, it will allow you to save your games instantly after you have something else to do.
  5. It allows users to give cheat codes, hence it can work for those whole love cheat codes while they are playing
  6. This Emulator is highly efficient and user-friendly which can be stored on google drive too.

Supported Android Versions

Well as I said earlier, this app is highly efficient and can work with any android version starting from very first gingerbread to Marshmallow Android version. You just need to download it, install it and then Bam!!!

So, you can download your favourite Drastic DS Emulator app for your android phone from below give download button.

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