Modio: Download Modio for free – Modio 5.28

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What is modio:


Modio is a software tool that allows its user to share and transfer the data between windows based PC and Xbox and additionally it also give the facility to its user to modify the games and to edit them or modify as they want to do. It allows a user to get the saved games on the internet all around the world through online gameplay database. Which mean you can download the saved game file of any player who has saved his game on an online database, and you can skip any particular level of your game and continue to keep enjoying your game.

How to get start:

  1. First of all, you have to log in to MODIO with your unique username and password.
  2. Then under the quick action menu, you have to open up a “SAVE” open up a device and download the saved game from there.
  3. Here you will get a great list of supported games, and you will be able to download the SAVES from shared web service.

Uses and Features of MODIO:

  • It can share the files between PC and Xbox.
  • It can access the database of online games throughout the world.
  • Easy to use interface, that a newbie can easily understand.
  • You can modify the games within minutes n.
  • Yes, you can easily clear the levels of games like you can clear 50 levels of a game within minutes as you will load a saved game on your console and play it from 51 level. 😀
  • It provides you the live chat feature to chat many people around the world (online gaming community).
  • You can also unlock the achievement in any game through MODIO.
  • Yes, you can also share game save with other people


An important thing Is the license of MODIO tool, so you will be happy to read that MODIO is 100% free as it is Freeware licensed. Yes, you are free to use MODIO without paying a single penny for it. It is free for windows based platform. Modio 5.28 version is good to use and also available below in download section you can download and install it for free.


MODIO is compatible with windows based operating system so you can enjoy it easily if you are a windows user. Following versions of Microsoft Windows are 100% compatible with MODIO:

  • First one  = Windows 10
  • Second    = Windows 8.1
  • Third        = Windows 8
  • Fourth     = Windows 7
  • Fifth         = Windows Vista
  • Sixth        = Windows XP

Software supports both 32 bit and 64 bit systems too. Hence, no matter your windows is 32 bit or 64 bit.

Final Words:

So finally we can conclude that the MODIO is the best file sharing and Game modifying tool that is available in the market and in addition, it has the best user interface and most user-friendly features.

Download Link:

Here you can download the MODIO.

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