Desktop Windows Manager – DWM.EXE is A Good Rescue To Your PC

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Before I start talking about the Desktop Windows Manager in depth and at a technical level, I guess it would be more appropriate if we discuss what this DWM.exe does in your windows? I will give you a very simple example so that you easily understand its use in your windows operating system.

What a Desktop Windows Manager Does?

Suppose, you were using photoshop or another heavy software like MAYA and your system gets stuck or hanged unexpectedly, what comes to your mind next? Shutting down your PC by force? Yes, it could work but can also damage your system in long run. So, the best option is to press “CTRL + ALT + DELETE” and it will eventually take you to the windows rescuer. Yes, I am talking about Desktop Windows Manager. You can stop any working program from here even if it is hanged.

This was just a simpler explanation of Desktop Windows Manager for those who really don’t want to get into the deeper technical details and now its time to bang!!!

Let’s get deeper into DWM.exe files that you might encounter in your windows files.

What is DWM.EXE?

So, this DWM is an executable file that is responsible for all graphics, animations and other visual effects that you see on your computer, laptop of windows running tablets. What does this mean? It means that if we put this windows manager aside, then bam!

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We will not be able to enjoy that amusing visual effects on our window operating systems. DWM.EXE might look like or work as a virus until and unless it is a real file inside windows files but still there are bad people working day and night to fool you and get access to your private data.

Many people think that windows desktop manager slows down their system or is too heavy for your process to process but the fact is totally contrary to this because it does not take more than 0.2% of CPU use as you can in above picture.

DWM.EXE, is it A Virus?

No, DWM.EXE is not a virus but it could a virus, funny? Not at all. Are you aware of Facebook phishing?Where a hacker tries to get access to Facebook accounts by displaying fake login page to the users as similar to the facebook and once someone logs in there, his private data will no longer be saved. Similar is the case with desktop window manager files where a hacker can put a similar file with the same name and size in your directory and spam your data.

How Do I know if DWM.EXE is not a virus on my PC?

Simply press “ctrl+alt+delete” > Task Manager > Right click on the task manager > open file location. If this process takes you to the windows folder and then subfolder named as system32 then you are safe.  Are you still confused about DWM.EXE files?  If yes then you should read it here.