Civilization Revolution 2 APK Free Download for Your Android Phone

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Civilization Revolution 2 APK is the most awaited file on the internet. You are finally going to get this file in few moments. You can free download this APK file from this website in just one click. I have always been a big fan of games that are fully based on strategies. This game is the best fit for those who love war tactics and want to simulate their strategic sense. This game available for Android devices to download and play.

Free Download Civilization Revolution 2 APK

Before you proceed to download this strategic game should we discuss its developers, gameplay option and graphics? If you are a true game lover then your answer should not be negative. This game is must similar to crusader which is also one of the top strategy games. In this game, you will be required to build your castle keeping your enemy locations, areas, roads and their trend of attack in mind. Civilization Revolution 2 APK has one simple rule ie.. you will build a stronghold and enemy is going to attack it at the end of the day. it will be an open challenge for you to survive or surrender. This game will test your deadly skills of management. You will be commanding a full trained army of soldiers to attack your enemy and sometimes defend your castle from the enemy. This game revolves around Korea and it was developed to demonstrate the N.Korean and American conflict. Major personalities of both countries could be seen in this game, for example, this game features Kim Jong who is a Korean dictator. Along with Kim Jong, you will also see many other leaders from different countries including Lenin (A Russian leader) and King Sejong.

Unlike Crusader or other strategic games, this game is based on the latest technology which even includes jets, fighting units, combat tools and armour vehicles. So, do you find Civilization Revolution 2 APK promising and entertaining? Do you know this game also include armies of many countries like Pakistan, India and Germany too? Which means that you can play with the army of your own country.

You can handle huge armies from a single tap of your thumb and attack your opponent countries to snatch their castles and win the war. You will have to face the resistance and at the end best force is going to win.

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The developers behind this game are 2K Games, they are best known for their 3D based games. They have been working on Playstore games for years.


This game bears 3D graphics that look stunning and exciting during the gameplay. You will be able to control your castle from a distant cam.

Android Versions

This game supports different android versions to play on. For example, it supports Android version from Honeycomb to latest Android Nougat.

So, don’t waste your time in finding the best strategic game and download this game right now!

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