Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta – Features, Controls and Glitches

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We have had talked about many RPG games in past but today I have brought an exciting and entertaining game topic i.e. Call of duty infinite warfare beta. You don’t know what does beta means in games? Beta means finding bugs, errors, and glitches in upcoming games. The company allows some players to check the bugs and errors in the game. As you know that call of duty infinite warfare is a month away from release but Activision has decided to share some information about call of duty infinite warfare beta to allow some players so that they can find bugs and glitches in the game.

This beta consists of two parts or two phases. The first part of beta starts from 14th October and ends on 17th October and the second phase starts after 3 days of the first phase i.e. the second phase starts on 21 October and it will end on 24 October. In this beta, PS4 players have access to both phases but Xbox players have access to the only second phase of the beta and sadly the PC players have no access to both phases of beta.

MAPS TO BE TESTED Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Beta

In this beta version of infinite warfare, there are three maps to be played. No 1 is Frontier, this is a circular two-lane set on space station Neptune. The second map is FROST, this map is a Three-Lane facility research on one of the Jupiter’s moon. The last map is THROWBACK, this is three-lane which is a throwback to 1950s, USA.


Three modes will be tested in this beta one. First one will be TEAMDEATH MATCH, second will be DOMINATION and the last one is kill confirmed. There will be a new mode too in this version of the game that will be called as a defender where a player will have to grab a drone and survive with this drone as long as possible.


Players are able to play three of six rigs in this beta period. Every rig has its own specialty, these rigs are equipped with one payload and one Trait.

And now its time to explore the newest feature in infinity warfare’s multiplayer mode of gaming. This feature is a meta game called mission games. Players are able to recruit any team to complete missions for them to increase their team rank. In this beta, two teams are available, one is Jtf wolverines and other one is Orion initiative but when you join the game, you will start with Wolverines and as you increase your progress you will be able to join the second team that will be Orion initiative. Every team has its own commanders and only  these Commanders will give you missions and when you rank up you will get different rewards which could be prototype weapons and special cosmetics.

RELEASING DATE OF Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

The releasing date of call of duty infinite warfare is November 4 2018 on PS4, XBOX 1 and pc. One who purchases this game for 80$, he will get a free copy of modern warfare remastered.

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