What is cached data

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Cached data

What is cashed data/ very least number of people know about cashed data today I am going to tell you about the cached data and I will also tell you what happens when you remove your cached data.

Definitely you heard about cache memory or cache data. Cache is a small storage which lie between your CPU (central processing unit) and your RAM. When you load something for example you are loading any webpage CPU will look first in the cache for loading the webpage if the data is not  available in the cache then CPU will get the data from your RAM. It is expensive that’s why small capacity of cache memory is available in phones or computers. This is cache memory now I am going to tell you about cached data.


Cached data means when you load any application first time from RAM. Small part of the app or program is stored in the cache memory. Why cache store this part of program? Cache store small part of the program for later use for CPU means that when you run the same app second time the app will load faster than previous because the part of the program stored in the cache load faster than data stored in RAM. So this is cached data in your mobile or laptop.

Now I am going to tell you what happens when you remove your cached data?

Cached data is not a big thing it is a part of the program that your run, again and again, I already gave you an example of web page when you load any webpage again and again the system will detect automatically you are loading one page again and again so cache will store a part of it. So the page will load more quickly next time. Ok! What will happen when you remove or clear your cache? Some people think this clearing cache will cause any damage to files, no this is not correct about cache clearing. People thinking’s are correct if we talk about app data clearing it will cause damage to files or data stored in app because when you clear your app data it will also lose your data stored in the app like a game if clear data of any game app you will lose your game progress or something like this. On the other hand when you remove cache data nothing will happen rather than you’re mobile perform faster because the cache has much trash in its storage and may this data cause your system to slow down.

One more question about cached data is does it take any space in your computer?

Yes, cache take a part of your memory available on your device because it stores data so definitely cache take memory on your device. So this is better to clear cache every day. Cache is good for those websites which you visit daily but if we talk about those website which are only ones visited then cache, is just a piece of waste stuff for those websites. I suggest you clear your cached data every day to keep your system refresh. If you are thinking clearing cache will cause the system to slow down then this is wrong because of cache store data every time when you run any app on your mobile or when you run any webpage on your computer or mobile phone.

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