ASUS AI Suite 3 – Introduction and Download Link For Hardware Information

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Are you looking for ASUS AI Suite 3? Don’t worry you will get it from here but don’t you think before we proceed we should better have a look at its use and introduction. Back in days, when applications like reading hardware within the software were not developed it was very difficult to get into hardware information of any computer or mobile without opening it. It was no less than mess because opening a computer and then closing it back could be complex. It is not about opening or closing it is all about your good control over your computer hardware while staying on your computer screen.

ASUS AI Suite 3

As you know ASUS computers are not those simple computers which could be placed anywhere and then used roughly. They can get heated up because of their high GPU and processing units. If you have seen these computers then you should know that these computers are designed to play heave games and run heavy computer programs. ASUS  computers also have multiple cooling fans that need to be controlled by the users. Controlling these fans, CPU, processor, sensors and another hardware function was never easy without Asus AI.

This is nothing but the software of a computer that keeps an eye on all hardware units and changing happening in them. This software is given full permission to take over hardware whenever needed and if you are using it on your ASUS then you can change its hardware settings whenever needed.

Previous Versions of ASUS AI

ASUS AI 3 is not the first computer software that has been launched for hardware purposes, in fact, there was 2 previous version were also available on official ASUS website to download but were soon replaced by the latest ASUS AI 3 that is more powerful, intelligent and updated. A new version of this ASUS software is also expected to be launched with more features and updates in near future.

What Can You Control With ASUS AI?

Have you downloaded ASUS AI? Then you control everything. The most important factor that matters a lot is the temperature of your CPU and GPU. different sensitive chips can burn on out this way but using ASUS software you can easily control the internal temperature of your system.

Cooling Fans

Cooling fans play an important role in cooling down your system when it is heated up. Using graphical interface of above-discussed software you can control RPM rate (rotation per minute) of all of you fans. It will even let you know about no of fans that are active in your system.  You can increase or decrease the RPM rate of those cooling fans depending on the workload that you have given to it.

Observe CPU Usage

You can keep a keen eye on the CPU usage of your system and note down the programs that are consuming your CPU more than others.

My CPU Usage Appears To Be More Than 80 Even When Only 1 Tab is Open in Chrome, is it an ASUS AI Suite 3 Bug?

No! it is not a software bug, in fact, software is telling you the story that you can’t see. Actually, sometimes different websites use malware scripts and use computers of their visitors as mining machines. If you think that CPU use of your ASUS gets a rise while visiting a specific website then avoid it in future. So, download asus ai suite 3 now.


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